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Fiona's Shrine

Stained Glass windows were first used to tell stories so that the illiterate populous would remember important stories about the bible or saints. So I used that concept to depict a stained glass window which would appear in Fiona's Shrine in Chrono Trigger. The border tells the story of how Fiona and Robo planted the forest with Fiona herself in the middle. The broken-down Robo sits on its pedestal and waits for Lucca to return to fix him up again.

I love this game and should be drawing more fanart for it ^^' I did this with markers for's Fanfest Competition.

Hope you guys like it!

EDIT: Fixed some shading things, and changed a little in the window to make myself happy ('cause of some issues I noticed after I finished it)
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I'm not ashamed to admit, I cried when I saw this. One of the single most beautiful and inspiring moments in one of the greatest and most incredible games ever made. Thank you so much for showing us your version of this wonderful story.
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It really made me wonder how it actually happened in that 400 year timespan. Robo would know Fiona much better than Lucca or other party members.

I could guess that once the trees could take care of themselves and Fiona had passed away. That he went offline.

Really a beautiful piece. :)
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Thanks so much! I really loved the story and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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400 years ago, the development of the North called Fiona who died trying to save a large fire. how sad.
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HI mistycat85 I like Chrono Trigger too and one of my favourite scenes is the scene in which Robo helps Fiona to plant the forest. In your Picture you tell on the window how the land was an desert and how Robo helped along with Fiona to planting a new forest in the timespan from 600 A.D. to 1000 A.D. :) And that Robo is then as an like holy artifact in the Shrine. The other Scene I like is the scene in which frogs open the way with the windsword masamune (looks very good in the cutscene!!!!)
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Hi!  I'm glad that you appreciated this scene in the game as much as I did.  I tried to capture the essence of the shrine and what I envisioned it would look like.  Additionally, I liked that scene too!  Frog was one of my favorite characters along with Lucca :)
Thank-you so much for your comment.  It made me smile to know my art is still appreciated!
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yes i like your kind of drawing is  it very beautiful:) in chrono trigger I like besides robo and frog the girl from the dinosaur past called ayla because she makes so funny comments to chrono and the others and her moves in the game are very strong. so long:)
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This is just perfect.
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Thank-you! I appreciate the comment ^_^
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This is really beautiful. I love the transition from one side of the stained glass to the other. Really nice.
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Thanks! The images of Robo fixing the forest actually was the first thing I knew I wanted to include.
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Soooo Amazing. this is EXACTLY how it would look, except out of Glass.
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Man! Hardly I've seen scenes like these drawn by fans. You, my friend, are awesome!
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Thanks ^_^ I appreciate the comment.
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I remember this scene. What a lovely spin on it!
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Hey, can I use this picture in a youtube video celebrating CT's birthday?
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sure- but if you can put a link to it in the description or something, I'd appreciate it! Also, give me a link to the final project so I can check it out ^_^
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