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This was a project for my Animal Science class at WSU. This took me FOREVER! LOL. If you find any errors or anything weird let me know :)

*Note*: There are about 1,000 different combinations of colors. In order to find them all you need to click back as well as next in order to see how the cat changes with each different allele.

Don't use anything without my permission.

The outline of the cat was traced from [link] but all of the colors and text were all from my own research and I started my project before I knew this existed.

Cat Outline (Solid, Mackerel, and Spotted) were traced from [link]

Everything else is my own hard work
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Can you use this on phone?

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

I think this is well made. I gave 5 stars for vision because it doesn't seem like it was make for school. (Did you get an A+?) I gave 4.5 stars for Originality because as you said you did trace the outlines. I gave 4.5 stars for technique because I like how it works and I think it should be the first choice for making realistic cats for anyone. I gave 4 stars for impact because I will use it for making realistic book characters. In short this is well made, realistic and great for making characters for cat roleplays and books. This is not actually foxartkid, I will get my own account soon. I think there should be more cat makers this good.
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first of all, i adore this
however, i cant seem to get a cinnamon tabby.
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Unfortunitely it is a known bug. And since I no longer have access to the Adobe Animate program I probably won't be updating this anytime soon. There is a work-around though. If you click on a different color and then click on agouti, you can go back to the color selection page and click cinnamon.
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ah, thank you so much!
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when you find out your warriors oc could not excist rip my cat broken heart/brokenstar
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Not necessarily true. What are the colors of our Warrior Cat?
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wait, doesn't orange count as a base coat? Or did you just have it separately since it works differently than the others (because that makes sense, I was just wondering if orange wasn't actually a base color or something because that's how I learned it
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Orange is actually a mutation that stops the expressions of black, chocolate, and cinnamon. So orange isn't a true base color. :)
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How does one try it?
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Just click on the "Enter" button. :)
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cool! i think having a light grey cat is impossible on this tho XD
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Not impossible. Gray is just dilute black. So click on black and then click on dilute on the following page. 
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Cinnamon; x; yes; x; x; yes; idk whatever; lightest circle; 1st circle
idk some cool siamese cat

I'm terrible at explaining
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Cool. I used to have siameses so dats cool
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How can I help? :D
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ahh teach me how to use devian art
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Could you talk about amber base colors, ghost tabby markings, and the gold gene? I'm not complaining; I love this!
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So I honestly have to look more into the Amber based genetics. Ghost tabby markings occur on solid colored cats. Basically the default coloration for all cats is a Brown mackerel Tabby and it is the interaction of other genes that causes a cat to look different. A tabby cat has one or two "A" (Agouti genes) and those genes code for proteins that cause a single hair strand to have bands of color on it EXCEPT for the bands of hair that are solid which make up the stripes. The stripes of a cat are made up of solid colored hairs and the background hairs are banded.

Now typically the mutated "a" (Non-agouti/Solid) genes cause a cat to be solid because the proteins don't function correctly and so NONE of the hairs on the cat are banded and so you get a solid colored cat.

Ghost markings can happen when those "a" proteins are slightly functional and somehow ended up being able to create some light banding on the background hairs and so that stripe pattern (which still form on all cats even if you cannot see it) becomes slightly visible.

Some cat breeds (like the Egyptian Mau) have been bred so that even though they are a solid colored cat (like the black smoke) they still produce some slight banding of the background hairs and so that striping pattern is slightly visible or very visible.

The gold gene is caused by a gene that is called the rufousing gene. In a cat there are two types of color pigments (pheomelanin and eumelanin) pheomelanin is responsible for the orange colors and eumelanin is responsible for black, chocolate, and cinnamon colors. The Agouti proteins create a banding pattern because it alternates the hair between these two types of pigments and the hair starts off light and ends with a darker tip (sort of like a gradient) and the base of the hair is always pheomelanin.

The gold gene emphasizes the pheomelanin pigments by making them bolder or dimmer. So if a cat has two of the rufousing genes, it is going to have a deeper gold coloration for those pheomelanin bands. This is why only tabby cats show the gold coloration.

A solid colored cat doesn't have the pheomelanin bands because the proteins don't work and don't create the pheomelanin banding pattern.

Hopefully that makes sense.
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