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Ok, acutally, yesterday since two weeks I picked up my graphic tablet, because I was eager to finally be able to draw again (I've had, and still have a tendinitis in my arms, which causes me greaat pain! Dx).
So I thought I could go on drawing all the stuff that summed up, throughout this time...but...Ofc it didn't work! xD

I really need to get into it again, so I decided to play around with colours a bit...

Two weaks without doing nothing but watching Pokémon movies and playing Pokémon games resulted in this! It's a Pokémon! Yeah, I love Pokémon! I have been working for Nintendo as Game Tester some years ago, and was on two Pokémon Projects...I think I was the only one really enjoying them! xD

Sadly my arms hurt again, so I have not been able to polish this, and neither to start something new *sigh* It's totally scrappy and bluärgh Q_Q"

Still wanted to show some sign that I'm still alive! (and still want to be a Pokémon trainer! xD)

I love Bulbasaur QQ
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so cute, Bulbasaur is one of my favorites pokemon since the beginning :)
Neo8gfx's avatar
Hi ! I love your fan art.
Really nice work !
Can I use it for my pokemon website ? thanks :)
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If you credit me somewhere then you can use it! Thank you for liking it so much ^_^
AlbinoOtaku's avatar
Awwww!!~ Bulbasaur is so adorable! :3
Naprikose's avatar
omg ist das niedlich >______<
KonekoTsukino's avatar
Awwww, this is so cute!
Fabrum's avatar
Oh Gooood he is so Cute.
Love Bulbasaur <33

Best pokemon ever 001 <3
MistressMim's avatar
Thank you <33 xD
Fabrum's avatar
U welcome <3
MusicXartXlife's avatar
absolutely gorgeous!
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MollyTheWanderer's avatar
So I herd you liek Bulbasaur...why yes, yes I do liek Bulbasaur, he's one of my fave Pokemon ever and I wont let him evolve when I catch him ^_^.
NevinSlate's avatar
you call this a scrap? Ugh, I wish I were more artistic! T-T
Windwhispering's avatar
Bulbasaur is so cuteeeeeeeee ~! ♥
Ramonamona17's avatar
This is so cute!!!
NicolasDominique's avatar
irmawong's avatar
OH MY GOSH!!!! I MISS POKEMON!!!!! :iconcriesplz:
EmotionalOne98's avatar
its perfect as it is! o.o it gives just that earthy little touch that bulbasaur needed to seem like hes happy ^^
branzeiradu's avatar
are there any carnivors in the pokemon kang?
sleepySnorlax's avatar
omg *O* that is so cute . Such a nice Idea !:) you are amazing!
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