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My Manga Brushes

A new brushset with loads and loads of brushes that I forgot to count!!

There are more than in the preview. You`ll find these brushes useful if you're doing manga pages or comics!!
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Great job, Thanx a lot..:)

Thank youuuuu! <3
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Thank u so much!! :)
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thanks for sharing all your stuff! :love:
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Oh my gosh thank you~!
What brush did you use for the inking of the girl there that I'm assuming is you? 
Is that included or is it a different brush?
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No it´s just a drawing made for the brushset cover, it´s not included in it.
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I don't mean the girl herself. The brushed used to ink it
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I didn't used a brush, I drew it with a pencil and scanned it.
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I love you so much
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thanks a lot for sharing ^0^ ...
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tysvm for this set :heart:
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thanks for sharing i used you're brushes in here <a href =-"[link]">link
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Omg :3 Wonderful !
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will this work in adobe photoshop and if so how cn i download it?
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thanks for sharing! x
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thanks so much ^_^
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i love the little manga cloud brush!!Sooo cute
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super cute!! Used one for my blog banner, I credit you in this post [link] Thanks!!
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Oh thank you for sharing it for us :love:
they were pretty useful for my comic, thanks!
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