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Charles char challenge meme





CHARLES again. I get sick of fanart sometimes and vomit up SHIT tons of Charles drawings. I luff him so! He's an epic muse.

SO, this is teh meme [link]

THIS is the description I am giving you for it.

Panel one is plain Charles being his smiley, oblivious self.

2 is Charlie in a suit lookin' at the sky 'cuz it's purdy. He is often found dressed in such a style.

3 is me, very poorly, attempting :iconvert-is-ninja:s style because it's fuckin' awesome. Unfortunately, he looks really weird and his ears stick out EVEN more like this! Poor self-conscious baby that he can be.

4 is Charles with big boobies. He HATES boobs, so I gave him a big rack XD He is not pleased.

NExt is my SHITE attempt to draw a cat.

After that is the depressing as fuck panel. LONG story short, Charles' dad used him as a punching bag when he was a kid and this is how he looked when he first met Mack. In the hospital. Beaten to shit.

Gingerbread Charles? Fancy.

NAKED SEXXXY CHARLES. You want to see his wiener, don't you?

NOT 4 U!

Go do this or something. It's fun.

Does this need a mature content tag? Nah . . .

Charles = me, so leave him alone unless you want to make me some awesome fanart, lulz.
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the opposite sex one isn't bad, seriously ^///^