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Asclepios - SP round 2



Round 2 for :iconsenshi-pageant:. This is Merriya/Sailor Asclepios. I used an experimental style again, despite that being one of the things people didn't like about my first entry. It was fun to draw, but her hair looks ENTIRELY the wrong colour. Fuck. Oh well. This is Asclepios using her healing powers.

About the Civilian Form
Name: Merriya Farooq
Name Meaning: Merriya (or Marriya) is extracted from the Arabic phrase 'haniummarriya', it basically means 'pleasant'. Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic fārūq ‘distinguisher’, i.e. ‘one who distinguishes truth from falsehood’. Al-Fārūq was a byname of ‛Umar ibn al-Khạṭtāb, the second ‘rightly guided’ khalif (ruled 634–644), renowned for his stern and uncompromising execution of justice.

Birthday: May 13
Zodiac: Taurus
Eyes: Left – Greyish pink. Right – usually covered. In its regular state it is whiteish/grey, as it is covered in scar tissue. When dark forces are present it turns into Gea Knovi's eye, which has black sclera and a red iris.

Hair: Clay Rose (greyish pink, darker than her eye colour) and VERY long. She wears it in thick ringlets. The part of her bangs is on the left side, but the rest of her hair is evenly parted down the middle. On each side of her head, when transformed, there is a loop of hair clasped with a gold medical cross. The rest of it flows freely.
Skin: Light walnut. Merriya has very clear skin and rarely muddles it with makeup.
Height: 5’5”. She isn’t incredibly tall, or short. This is to her advantage, as Merriya doesn’t like to draw attention to herself.
Likes: Merriya is very fond of clever conversation and sarcasm, though, being incredibly shy, it is difficult for her to have the opportunity to use her wit. As she tends to be solitary, she loves to do all sorts of work with apparel. She sews, knits, crochets, etc. Her favourite thing to do is create unique fashions that reflect her love for Rococo style. In the winter, her friends can always expect a new scarf with colours and designs that reflect their personalities.
Some students at her school show their personal twists to their uniforms by shortening their skirts, or dying their hair, she likes to embroider her socks and other accessories for the various seasons. As she is often ill, Merriya has various hand embroidered face masks to keep from catching other peoples’ illnesses, as well as not spreading her own sickness. She also likes to decorate various eyepatches.
Merr spends a lot of her spare time alone studying. While she doesn’t like to stand out, she does like to be the top of the class. Intelligence has always been one area she excelled at; she likes to send letters home to her parents in Pakistan with details on the new and exciting things she has learned as well as a report of her grades.
Dislikes: Physical activities are not Merr’s strong point. She has incredible powers when transformed, but in day to day life, she is rather frail. She doesn’t participate in gym class, as her doctors have instructed her school not to allow it.
The thing that gets under her skin the most is dishonesty; she is very good at spotting when people aren’t being genuine with her and she gets easily irked when blatantly lied to, or misinformed. To get her fired up outside of senshi battles isn’t easy, but an obvious lie will set her off.
Strong Points: Merriya’s greatest talent is her kindness. She has few friends, but they are very close. She will do anything to help a friend in need, even at her own expense. She is driven by a strong sense of justice and pride and will go to great lengths to protect her loved ones and what she believes to be right.
Has Trouble With: Being social isn’t Merr’s strong point. While she is loyal to a fault, there are few people she can be open and honest with. Due to her shyness, she tends to come off to strangers as frigid and disinterested.
Handling emotional situations are very difficult for Merriya. She doesn’t watch the news because it easily brings her to tears, but in most day to day situations she appears emotionless; it’s difficult to get an emotional response from her without blatantly lying, or being cruel to one of her friends.
Dream: Merriya’s biggest dream is to become a fashion designer. She doesn’t necessarily want to become famous, but she wants to be able to share her creations with the whole of the world. Everyday apparel doesn’t interest her too much; she tends to focus her time on ornate and detailed outfits. She loves various offshoots of the Lolita style, her favourites being aristocrat and gothic.
Becoming a successful seamstress will ultimately lead to her biggest goal – to move her family to England so that she can be closer to them.
Personality: Merriya, as previously stated, is a bit of a lone wolf. She can come off as cold, but that’s because she isn’t comfortable with sharing her emotions with other people. Despite her shyness, she will occasionally take a leadership position, but only if she feels that nobody else could do a better job.
As a friend, she can be mercilessly protective. This can become frustrating to her loved ones; if she feels that someone is mistreating a friend, she is unabashedly snippy and short-tempered with said person. This puts a strain on her friendships often, but in the end, her judgments on people are correct and her friends eventually realize that she is only being protective, not out to sabotage their other friendships.
Personal History: Merriya grew up in Pakistan, but moved to England when she was 10 to study abroad. She still speaks to her parents in her native tongue, but tries not to use it outside very often because of racism. Getting called a terrorist is never fun, especially when the same people whose lives you are saving are the ones casting stones. The patience taught to her by her late grandmother is what keeps her strong.
This lone senshi fights alongside whomever needs her (often Sailor Wildflower of ), but hopes to find a permanent troupe eventually. Most recently, she has been recruited by Sailor Aries to become a member of her senshi troupe.
About the Senshi/Knight
Sailor Name: Sailor Asclepios
Realm of Influence: Medicine and poison.
Transformation: “Asclepios prism power, makeup!” Bubbles of glittery grey/pink surround her body and each one pops over a particular area of her body to reveal a part of her fuku. She completes her transformation with straight posture, her staff in her left hand, resting the bottom on the ground.
Colors: Greyish pink, grey, gold and white.
Outfit: A white corset-like bodice, with gold trimmings is the base of her fuku. The sleeves are off the shoulder. Her grey/pink skirt is full and ends just at her knees. Her sailor collar is the same colour and is cape-length. The details on her boots are also grey/pink. She has grey socks with thick ribbing that go up to just beneath her knees. The large bow on her back is very full and is also grey. Her chest ribbon is a thin grey ribbon with a brooch of a golden star on top of a golden medical cross – her hair is also adorned with medical crosses, a loop of hair on each side of her head being fastened with one. Her grey choker has a swirl (representative of the snake on the staff of Asclepius) that matches her earrings. Her eyepatch is black with a gold cross in the middle and trimmed with gold ribbon, as is her cape and apron. The apron is white and has a large pocket in the front with scalpels, medicines and poisons. It has a gold cross on the bottom left. She wears very long, white gloves.
Weapons: Staff of Asclepius – A golden rod, barely shorter than Merriya. Entwined at the top are a snake and an angel wing – betwixt the two is an orb of light green.
Items: Various syringes full of poisons, or medicines and scalpels.
Power 1: “Dia Sodzo!” A healing power, Merriya can heal team mates in the midst of battle. Her powers aren’t massive, but her first aid can keep allies (or enemies) alive long enough to get medical attention from professionals.
Power 2: “Poison syringe!” The most common attack you will hear from Sailor Asclepios. This attack includes 8 syringes with a weak poison (the syringes being held in between her fingers) that are thrust into the area occupied by enemies. They aren’t lethal doses, but will cripple an adversary long enough to send them into retreat, or until another team member can defeat them.
Power 3: “True Sight.” This is an everyday power that allows Merriya to sense a dark presence. Her right eye can see the true form of anyone, or anything that is trying to hide behind a façade. This power isn’t something that can be shut off, so she wears an eyepatch when in public. Evil presences automatically trigger her eye to awaken as Gea Novi’s, which reveals weak points.
Sailor History: Merriya was awakened as a soldier at an early age (10 years old!) but her powers were very weak. She struggled to protect her family and loves one’s until she was almost killed by Gea Knovi – the two struck death blows to one another at the same time. Moved by Merriya’s determination to protect the people she loved, as well as strangers, moved Gea Knovi, so she used her last breath to combine her life energy with Sailor Asclepios. This resulted in Merriya’s black hair turning from jet black to a greyish pink and (beneath the scar caused by their battle) the “True Sight” eye to take over her right eye.
Mission: Merriya’s mission is to convince enemies that can still make their own decisions that the people of Earth are still worth saving. There is a lot of dark within humans, but there is also a lot of love and hope; she tries her hardest to convey this during a battle. If they cannot be swayed, she hopes to send them packing, but they are occasionally destroyed in battle. Her strongest goal is to protect her beloved friends and family and to protect the people of Earth.
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I love her back story/mission! So beautiful :love:

She can be my team mate! *hugs* lol