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In the Land of the Pygmy Puffs everything is Happy and Joyful, Purple, Pink, and Red Pygmy Puffs float about so happy and carefree. One mother Pygmy puff snuggles with her brood upon the ground *snuggles snuggles* all is happy until....SQUISH! Snape squishes the mother and her brood while doing the Nutcracker ballet in the Land of the Pygmy Puffs while wearing the pinkest of pink Tutu. Look at the Snape frolicking about....but as for the Pygmy puffs, they are not so amused.....they are angry and ferice and are plotting revenge on Snape. Together with The Dustbunnies from Under the Bed Land, The Elves from Servitude Woods, and the Candy Cane Dwarfs from the Sugar Mines they plot and they plot until a little Pygmy Puff named Modo perks up "I will do it...I will take the Chocolate to Fordor.....where the Evil Lord Snapron lives." Then it was formed....the Marshmellowship was formed. Together with 3 Pygmy Puffs names Pam, Perry, and Mittin....and Elf named Sock-O-Less, a Candy Can Dwarf named Chimney, 2 Dustbunnies named Hawthorn and Boarbeer, and and old Wizard named Dumbledore...Modo set off for the Land of Fordor to face the Evil Snaperon. As they Traveled to the Mines of Tooth Decay they found themselves stuck outside the door of the Mines. Dumbledore read the writing about the entrance "Speak Sweet tooth and Enter" and with that he thought and he thought.....hours went by. Perry and Mitten complained about Hunger and Pam sat with the faithful Chibling Bith. Soon Dumbledore laughed "Ahhh i have been a fool!" and with that he shouted "Lemon Drop!" and the doors creaked open. They cheered, but their frolicking and play was disterbed by the Creature from Sugar Plum Lake, it attempted to seize Modo with it's massive licorice Tenticles but Sock-O-Less shot it with a dirty glove which paralyzed it. Modo and the rest of the Marshmellowship hurried into the mines where the doors slammed shut. Dumbledore lit up his pointy hat and lead the way into the mines "Now everyone hush...there are worse thing then Lockharts in the deep dark places of the world." Chimney shuffled along, tripping over many shiny rocks and things until he used his Candy cane to help him balance. Hawthron and Boarbeer fought about the Chocolate. Hawthorn felt that they should go through Merryment Woods to get to Fordor, but Boarbeer disagreed....he wanted to go threw his homland Pondor because he felt that Merryment Woods was far to....perilous (Sissy). They stopped for a break and Pam morned over the loss of Bith who was (i forgot this) Horribly eaten by the Creature of Sugar plum Lake, Perry and Mitten cooked up some roasted Chicken who continuously shouted "I will prevail and give you Heartburn...Beware!" Dumbledore thought of the dangers that lived in this cave and shivered in Horror. He led them down a path and came to a burrial room where Chimneys cousin Dimply was burried. Chimney cried and sobbed "Dimply Noooo....Nooo Dimply.....I Loved You!!!" (sob sob...cry cry). Dumbledore looked upon the tomb and and saw a book, he opened it and read "Dear somebody...If your reading this i'v probably died.......they swarmed us all around us....ohhh i can't make it much longer....but who ever you are tell....telll.....tell Chimney.....I Slept with his wife.....Agggggg *died*". They decided to stop for the night. Mitten wandered off to look for food when he came across a Baconlette who cried out "No..I warn you...Do Not Trifle With Me!" Mitten of course did not listen and proceded to eat the Baconlette. As soon as he did the Baconlette let out a high pitched screech that echoed and bounced off the walls and through the mines. Dumbledore shoved his hat on his head "Fool of a Kitten....Eat yourself next time and rid us of you Hungersome self." But soon...there were drums in the deep, Beating. Everyone gasped and Pam squeaked "We're all gonna die in 7 days" Sock-o-less muttered "Screw 7 days their gonna kill us now!" Hawthorn and Boarbeer ran and tried to close the doors there were cries of "I'm so Gorgeous, I'm so Gorgeous!" Ringing through the halls as the Lockharts that inhabited this mine swarmed to the burrial chamber. Their bright flashy smiles trying to blind all. Boarbeer heard a great cry from the all and turned....gasping he slammed the doar "They have a Umbrige Troll!" As they all cowered in fear the listened and suddenly a Load and frightening girlish "Ahem!" Sounded through the door and a huge girly fist swung and broke the door. Everyone screamed and ran for covers as the huge Umbrige Troll lumbered through the door in a frightening...yet....Utterly stupid way. Chimney swung his Candy Cane at her while Sock-o-less fired countless Dirty dishclothes at her. Boarbeer soaked her with Firewhiskey and Hawthron yelled "Protect the Fluff!" and charged at her with his mighty sword of doom. The fight progressed and The Umbrige Troll Swung her evil Quill of Back hand Blood Drawing around her, soon jabbing Modo with is and driving it right through him. Hawthron gasped "The Fluff!" Everyone charged at her and gave her all they had and soon...she was dead. Hawthorn ran to modo's side "Fluff?...Fluff?" Modo groaned and moved and Hawthorn gaspes (Sheesh breath ish not a fish!) "Fluff? Your....Your alive?" Modo stood up "yes.....but who you see before not Modo....I have been removed from the Neo." Everyone gasped and Modo laughed "Just kidding...I'm Alive!!!" They all ran out of the room only to be pursued by the Lockharts who screamed "I'm so gorgeous, I'm so Gorgeous!!!" They ran until the came to the bridge and thats when it happened.....the ground began to shake and IT burst from the wall......The Voldyrog. Dumbledore forced everyone to run across the bridge and stood infront of the Voldyrog "You...Shall Not Pass!" The Voldyrog screeched and took a step forward,but Pam thought quick and through  banana peel infront of screamed and fell, taking him and Dumbledore into the pit below...Dumbledore's last words were "NAKKEY TIME!" Modo cried out "Dumbledore! Nooooo!" he tried to run to him, but Hawthorn held him back "No Modo.....We must press on" They exited the cave and the sadness flowed, until there was a river of tears flowing down the rocks. Hawthorn erged them to move "Come...we must move, before dark cause thats when the Lockharts like to travel......we will find peace in Merryment Woods...Come" and with that everyone moves sluggishly after Hawthron. Soon they came to the Forest.....Chimney stared in wonder "This isn't so scary.........such a thing to listen to...Some ferocious Elf Queen lives in the woods...Ha....I have the ears of a hawk and the eyes of a fox!..oh" he stared down the arrowpoint to an elf holding a tiny bow "You snort so loud i could shoot you in the dark!" It squeaked. They allowed themselves to be lead off..into the forest, coming to the Gates of Toga Village. This is where Story 1 Ends in this saga.....see the 2nd soon called Wonder Twin Towers.    
This one was my friends idea...and mine considering it has food in it (I looove candy and sugary treats.) I was very weird on this one and am now wondering if I was on something...
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February 22, 2007
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