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WDR - Jen Character Sheet

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Character sheet for Jen - I'm going to do one for each character from WDR eventually :D

Warning - this is big! Sorry... :blush:

I have basically spent the weekend practicing drawing facial expressions and doing little cartoons... it's been fun! (And yes, this is me being silly and entertaining myself. :boogie:)

Jen and Xen'shai belong to me and are from my HotU fic Where Darkness Resides.

Valen Shadowbreath belongs to Bioware and is from the game NWN: Hordes of the Underdark.

Please fullview (if possible! :p)
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I love how you draw Valen. He's very sexy. :D
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:rolleyes: Naivety is not cute, and it doesn't even makes sense for an adventurer. Of course, your characters is nothing more than a collection of clichés (not even archetypes) so the fangirls can relate better to her. She is like the Bella Swan of HOTU!

Her personality just doesn't makes sense. She is no new to adventure, but that doesn't seem to affect her at all, and none of the things she goes through 38 chapters affect her either, she doesn't change, doesn't learn and/or grow.

I guess I can't ask much from a mediocre writer who also has internalized misogyny and sexism.
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Jen is so pretty and I really enjoy her personality in your story. Very nicely done, if I may say so!
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Wow, me and Jen are pretty alike... though my hair is different and I'm a human and not a half-elven rogue/sorceress. *is a silly bard* I've also got very different stats on the Dnd quizzes I've tried. I have a decent CHA, and a surprisingly good WIS and INT, but the rest are all rubbish. ^^;

I have officially fallen in love with her armour design though, which is the main reason why I have to fave this! :+fav:
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LOL! How is it possible that I never saw this before now??? I'm still laughing (out loud, husband staring at me like I'm nuts) at "probably hung like a horse." :rofl: Poor Jen...yes...poor, poor Jen...
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Who doesn't like big, protective tieflings? :-)
You did a great job with the facial expressions here!
(I've been away from DA for waaaay to long and missed a lot of cool artworks *sighs*)
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Who doesn't indeed! :D

I have to admit, I had an insane amount of fun drawing these. I sometimes get really bogged down with drawing and colouring stupidly detailed pictures that half of them either don't get finished or end up being ruined - to just sit down and do a whole bunch of silly, 10 minute sketches was actually really liberating. Definitely going to do it again at some point! :lol:

:hug: Thanks!
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Oh. My. Gawd.

I *love* the pro-and-cons list. I'm still giggling. And I'm enjoying the story as well (which was how I found your account here!).
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ha i love her sheet, she sounds ridiculously fun~!jen is adorable!
mmm drow bard and a tiefling weapon master, who to choose... lol
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:aww: Aww, Jen is fun, in her own tactless, naive, vaguely irritating in a 'how-the-hell-have-you-managed-to-survive-in-general-let-alone-in-the-Underdark?!' kind of way...

She's slowly coming to a decision, though.


Sort of.

Hehehee... :devilish: (Aww, come on! I've got to play it out as long as I can... :giggle:)

:hug: Thank you!
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Very, very nice. Gotta love Xen'shai though, man he is...*blinks eyes at screen* damn, you drew him finer than I pictured him, and my mother says *I* have an active imagination? Can't say I relate to Jen much though. I'm an inch taller than my mom, and three to four shorter than my older brother. At 5/8in I am very tall, but unlike willowy "models" not fat, but definitely...curvy. Think Blonde Sharwyn personified. Seriously. Luv drawings and stories of yours always! <3
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Valen's pro:
-probably hung like a horse.
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Well, it's a kind of a pro... and a pro that definitely counts, not matter what anyone tries to tell you!! :devilish:
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I like this a lot ('course, I'm kinda obsessed with character sheets for some reason . . . and also with your fanfic. My sis reads it too. :D) Anyway, looking forward to the others.

For the record, I like Jen/Valen. But Xen'shai creeps me out a bit, so . . .
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:hug: Thank you! And thank you for reading (thank you sister from me, too :aww:). Character sheets do rule, don't they? They're fun to make, as well - time consuming, but fun. (Just posting Chapter 35, btw... :D)

As it says, JenXValen4Evar!... :giggle: There are actually a few people out there who want to see Jen with 'Shai over Valen, but that would be a tad creepy, wouldn't it? She'd end up as some kind of bizarre love-slave to him if I allowed that... O_o *huggles her creepy drow bastard tight* I still wuffs him, though!
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...I wonder if you can see the comment under sabresedge's comment, ME... I never know what to make of the comment alarm thing... O.o
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:D it was fun to read and watch... I liked the end especially, lol :P the facial expressions were awesome and realistic! well done!
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OMG, OMG! The pros and con part is HILARIOUS. Loved it, loved it, and love you as well, Elysia *hugs the air out of her* For being such a great, great artistic individuality that designs sexy drow bards!

Mistresselysia's avatar
:hug: *and gasps* Thank you very much! :aww: Bless you!

There were more, but they were very silly (and, well, not exactly appropriate... :giggle:). I need to do more sketchies of schmexy drow, actually - they need their own sheets, after all! (It satiates the made fangirl within, so it does... :blushes:).

Am quite dreading Rizonym, I must admit - why did I have to give him scars? They're going to be a nightmare to draw! :p
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How can a girl decide between two such handsome men, sigh . . .

Enjoyed your character sheet and am now going to go read your fanfic . . .
Mistresselysia's avatar
I know... even my muse can't decide properly... :giggle:

:) I hope you enjoy it (just a warning, though - it is, uh, a tad long... :blushes: I'm thinking of splitting this section into two 'books', I must admit!)
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I think probably hung like a horse could be a disadvantage with Jen being so small in comparison. I mean - ouch.
(I tend to overthink these aspects LOL). Mind you, I'm not far off 6ft so I wouldn't know.
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*snickers* Little she may be - but she's also female, so ridiculous fantasies she also has! :devilish: (You know, I can just see her in my mind's eye now, sitting there pondering this with a silly smile and slightly bulgy eyes, half scared, and half intrigued, and it's making me laugh! I'm getting odd looks from the hubby again... :blush:)

(I'm only 5'2 1/2"... never really been a problem... lol!)
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