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The Happy Haunting Agency by MistressCat The Happy Haunting Agency :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 15 6 The Sum of His Parts by MistressCat The Sum of His Parts :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 26 4 Corneille by MistressCat Corneille :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 10 1 Qilby by MistressCat Qilby :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 25 0 Holiday Nights at Freddy's by MistressCat Holiday Nights at Freddy's :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 7 4 Out and About Dragon by MistressCat Out and About Dragon :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 6 3 Ery and Dara by MistressCat Ery and Dara :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 3 1 Air Pun Goes Here by MistressCat Air Pun Goes Here :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 3 0 Sleepy Moogle by MistressCat Sleepy Moogle :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 5 2 Butler and the Beast by MistressCat Butler and the Beast :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 9 0 Squibby Squib by MistressCat Squibby Squib :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 9 6 New ID To Go Go! by MistressCat New ID To Go Go! :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 1 1
Highly Unexpected, Chapter 20
"Come, join me," Ratcliffe half-ordered, half-invited, his hand making a sweeping motion over the table at which he was seated. It was early in the morning, yet, and his face seemed to have more lines and shadows to it.
Wiggins fidgeted from his usual place, not sure that he had heard correctly. Ratcliffe rolled his eyes.
"Sit here, sir? With you?"
"Don't tell me that your condition has made you deaf, too. Yes, here with me."
Wiggins moved hesitantly toward a nearby chair, and sat down so carefully that if one could not see him, one would never have known he was even there.
In as many years as he had stood by, serving his master, cleaning up after his every meal, he had never once been invited to join him.
"Thank you, sir."
"Eat," Ratcliffe ordered in the same strange, hasty manner. "It'll do you some good."
Wiggins eyed the spread with the look of a wild animal being set before a trap with something delightful at the end; unsure, nervous, yet all at once eager. To deny t
:iconmistresscat:MistressCat 7 22
Highly Unexpected, Chapter 19
London, 1606
"Your proposal intrigues me, Ratcliffe, yet I can't help wondering what makes you more qualified to govern than any of the others who have approached me."
Linnington, a gaunt fellow with keen eyes, peered at him over long, steepled fingers. Amidst the maps and plans strewn around him at his table were posters promising wealth and glory in the New World, courtesy of the Virginia Company.
Wiggins could see the gleam in his master's eyes as he glanced at them, as he had done before and as he would surely do again in spite of himself- the servant gently cleared his throat, barely inasmuch as his employer could hear, and the larger man caught himself- though perhaps not before Linnington did. He surveyed Ratcliffe with that same sharp scrutiny which he observed everything.
"I don't suppose that the king's favour would have any sway over your request?" He asked, eyebrows held high.
"My good man," Ratcliffe pressed his fingers to his chest, "I assure you that I'm as compet
:iconmistresscat:MistressCat 6 1
Never Capitulate! by MistressCat Never Capitulate! :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 15 3 Wings and Woods by MistressCat Wings and Woods :iconmistresscat:MistressCat 3 3
:iconpiratecatplz::iconsaysplz: Thanks for stopping by! Have a waffle!

Feel free to use any non-commissioned stuff! Just be sure to tell me so that I can, well... know! I love seeing that my stuff has been seen somewhere else! ^_^ ...Yarrr.

I sometimes don't catch up on all my comments- know in advance and if you've commented before that I am immensely grateful for every single one, and if there's no reply or a late one, it is certainly not on purpose! :heart:
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Sooooo, you know how I had previously said that I would try for NOT having another months-long break between updates? WELLLlllllp. Life happened, and I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I've been commenting and replying when I get chances, but no posting. I've built up almost a year's worth of stuff, so I'm sorry in advance for the oncoming spam! I tried to be very selective, so most of the daily doodles and sillier stuff is just on my Tumblr.

I am really sorry, though, guys- I've still been replying to people as often as I can, but I know I haven't been very active on here at all. The good news is that my absence has yielded lots of new drawings and two new chapters of "Highly Unexpected"! Well, completed and proofread chapters. I know I've said before that most of the story is already complete. I ended up adding in a totally new chapter this time around, which will hopefully piece together much of the story later on. I hope everyone will find the new bits to their liking! ^__^

I will be uploading as quickly as I can; there may be a delay between me posting this, and stuff showing up. My internet is a bit slow, so it may take some time.

If you haven't heard from me on a journal, comment or deviation just yet, fear not; I will be getting to you very soon! I've decided that trying to catch up BEFORE posting leads to never posting, so- here goes!

I've been working on a comic project for the past year and some change, and I think it may be ready to post online by Halloween-- that's my hope, as least! It's been a real labor of love, and though I know I have a really long way to go before I feel happy with my abilities, I do really love the world and the characters. I hope that they can bring someone a little bit of entertainment, too!

It's called "The Happy Haunting Agency", and it can be found yonder:


This project will NOT be halting Highly Unexpected at all, so no worries! It does take away from leisure drawing, but I always make my stories a priority. ^__^

School started back up again a while ago, leaving an all-too-short summer behind. Summer was busy this year, full of adventures and, of course, Anime Fest Wichita! I revamped my Wiggins costume and finally got to attend a convention as him! Wii-Chan was Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service and had such a blast. We saw so many wonderful friends, and made many new ones; I never think that AFW can possibly get any better, and then, every year, it does!

I do hope that you're all doing splendidly! If you want to befriend me on Tumblr or on Facebook, feel free to do so! I'm not very active anywhere, lately, but I do love to hear all about what everyone's doing.

As always, if you ever need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to message me! I do check them, even though I don't actively post on here. I do reply as much as I can, and you guys are very important to me! I love you all! ^__^ <3

Love, waffles, gift baskets and pixie dust,
             M. Cat

My Tumblr!

:pumpkin: Friends of Cat, Doing Stuff! :pumpkin:

:skull: Suzanne Dome, awesome author, artist, artisan and friend:

:skull:Poor Little Runia ( webcomic by Steph White ):…

:skull:Don't forget to check out the awesome upcoming webseries pitch project The Taffetas!   ( I am not a creator in this, just to clarify, but I am doing some volunteer voice work in the future! Plus, it's already looking super amazing and I think everyone should take a moment to check it out! ^_^ )

:pumpkin: Friends of Cat, Open For Commissions: :pumpkin:

:bulletpurple: :iconmeg2101: My sister is taking commishes at ridiculously low prices! Excellent, whimsical paintings and beyond!

:bulletpurple: :iconautumnembers: Help out a starving artist! Beautiful paintings, and FANTASTIC deals, limited time only!

:bulletpurple: :iconpheonixwing: Beautiful art! It is a total steal and she is a very punctual artist, too! ^_^

:bulletpurple: :iconsmurfwizard: Epicness at awesome prices! Check out the amazing Dragon Hunters stuff while you're visiting, too!

:bulletpurple: :iconzahzumafoo: Super talented awesome person! May or may not be doing commissions at the moment, but it never hurts to inquire politely!

:bulletpurple: :icontheshadowkitty: No longer on here, I'm actually still trying to find her as she seems to have vanished and I'm really worried! If you know anything, please let me know!

:bulletpurple: :iconladycyco: Beautiful art all around! Currently on points commissions ( which sounds much simpler to me ^_^ )!

:bulletpurple: :iconjburnstudios: Awesome Traditional and Digital Artwork and Beautiful Photography!

:bulletpurple: :iconsharulia: is taking commissions still, too, I believe! Can't hurt to ask! ( I went ahead and added her 'cause she is epic! I hope that's okay! ^_^ )

:iconsharpace: Phenomenal works for an amazing price! You CANNOT miss out on this!

I don't want to overstep my boundaries, but I DO want to use the power of advertising, so...
If you are taking commissions and would like to be up here in big letters, just mention it in the comments here and I'll put ya up. ^_^

:wizardhat: Voice Stuff :wizardhat:

My YouTube:…

"Conspirocracy", an indie game for which I played minor voice role, was released ages ago, too! It's available on Desura and you can grab your very own copy:…

I'm hoping for more voice projects in the future! I haven't been looking too much this year, though I really would like to. If you have something in need of voices, I'm more than happy to work as a volunteer! ^__^

Skies of Arcadia Abridged

I play Aika, Teodora and a couple of other random minor roles!

Episode 1:…

Episode 2:…

Episode 3:

    Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7

Colorful Five:   ( <--- intro )


Episode 2: ( I'm in this one! Wheee! )
                                  ^---------- I'm Zelda! ( I also play the Great Fairies in ep 4! )


Cat Allen
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, WE'RE ALL DUDES, HEY!

Current Residence: Arcadia/Terca Lumeires
Favourite cartoon character: Hanatarou, Wiggins, Lian-Chu, Ruber and The Griffin
Personal Quote: You can't fix the world, but you can make a dent!

( Don't pay any attention to the old website button! Guildeus Maximus is still up, but not being updated! The new site link is for my personal voice/work folio! ^_^ )

My Etsy store:… !



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