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I spell anxiety C-O-D-Y
My ribcage is a mason jar,
Fragile, translucent, old-fashioned, romantic
It is meant to hold things. It has a lid to keep them safe or trapped.
If you asked I would say my chest is full of dying fireflies, they used to glow and bring light to my life but now they are embers of my dying inspiration. All I have are flickers of information that are useless to me now. I could tell you everything about him, I could tell you more than he ever could.
I could tell you he likes the cold even though everything about him is warm, I could tell you he wrote a poem and composed a piece about winter. I could tell him that now I’m the one looking down at the ground with a sigh. That was the last line. I haven’t read the poem in over a month but I could tell you the poem was about losing hope. I could say I’m still holding onto it but then I’d have to confess that I am a brilliantly stupid girl.
I could tell you that his pants hang from his hip bones because depression has been
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 1 0
I want you
That’s too direct, not terribly subtle
But my life has been about as subtle as a photograph of the atomic bomb, the radiation seeps out of me every time I think of the word “home” or I have to tell someone that sometimes strength is being in the most pitiful state you can fathom for yourself when you choose one path and the other catches fire
I am not afraid of the flames of passion you fan every time your skin touches mine
Even so, perhaps I should dress up those three words more but in the end it will all come back to this:
I want you
Close to me, in your room, my room, anywhere at all. Wherever you shall go, darling, I know that you can be found close in my thoughts though my hands may thirst for you. Craving salt in a desert is nothing new I’m afraid
And maybe I’m falling for the mirage your eyes entice me with every time I look into them and imagine lifetimes passing me by like clouds in the sky. I wish the thought of spending the rest of m
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 1 0
I think I like you
I don't want to pretend that my skin does not ache for the tender scars on your back or for the ripples through your musculature at my dexterity
I want to touch your face, hold it in my hands and let a thousand compliments and poems die on my lips before my adoration can reach your ears
I want my fingers to run through the fine waves of your wheat field hair and to find atmosphere in the pastel skies of your eyes
I want to draw your hands, to capture the beauty of their movements when you play the air guitar in your room at 4 in the morning and their gorgeousness when they actually play one of your guitars while your neighbors are asleep
While I’m at it I’ll draw the rest of you, too. Don't pose, just lose yourself for me. That is when you are most lovely
Tell me anything- actually, tell me everything. I know that you will, there’s no filter on those perfect lips even when they curl in a smirk. The truth is a wonderful elegy to doubt
And you wear your heart on your sl
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 0 0
Ma Capitaine En Rose by MistressBambola Ma Capitaine En Rose :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 2 0
Something Unforgiveable (Clingyshipping) CH 29
The spaces between the four walls Diamond resided in were filled with his attempt at creating the illusion that he didn't exist. Each day had chipped away his motivation to do anything other than move as far away from his mother as possible. With only his pokemon to confide in, he felt increasingly isolated and plagued by his thoughts. He fought between two sides: what he actually wanted and his desire to please everyone.
He was very much in love with Pearl and could easily see himself spending his life with him but he also felt the pressure of his mother's expectations heavy on his shoulders. She made him second guess everything he had known and wanted, causing him to wonder at times if his thoughts were genuinely his own musings or her beliefs rubbing off on him like she intended. What he really needed was to get out of that house because nothing had seemed so complicated when he was out living his life the way he had wanted to.
At home she questioned his every action and ra
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 5 3
Something Unforgiveable (Clingyshipping) CH 28
The crisp air could fill the spans of the lungs with the scent of pine, breaths of Twinleaf's residents shuddering out in visible clouds at the hints of anticipated snow. With December beginning the following day, the overcast sky had taken to hiding the stars nearly every evening and the trees that were once aflame with reds and oranges were a barren ash gray. Pearl found himself on the couch, lithe legs stretched out on the coffee table as his mother cuddled against him beneath a blanket. The glow of the television illuminated the room, casting lonely shadows to sway on the walls unnoticed.
It had been months since they had returned home and each day had slowly been sucking the fervor out of the blonde. They had hardly been able to see each other, trying to sneak in outings or brief meetings whenever they could, but Diamond being closeted was taking its toll. Their relationship had been lacking in intimacy or contact in general as they hid from his mother and Pearl felt like Diamond
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 5 0
Turn the lights on (Clingyshipping) by MistressBambola Turn the lights on (Clingyshipping) :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 8 0 Frosty (Princess Bubblegum / Marceline) by MistressBambola
Mature content
Frosty (Princess Bubblegum / Marceline) :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 23 7
Shades of Grey by MistressBambola Shades of Grey :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 27 3 Amore mi tiene (Dante Alighieri / Virgilio) by MistressBambola
Mature content
Amore mi tiene (Dante Alighieri / Virgilio) :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 16 14
Ruby's lollipop by MistressBambola Ruby's lollipop :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 0 1 Baci Platonici by MistressBambola Baci Platonici :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 2 2 #Patriotism by MistressBambola #Patriotism :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 1 2 Jar she blows by MistressBambola Jar she blows :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 3 2
Something Unforgiveable (Clingyshipping) CH 27
The sun was still rising on the west coast of Sinnoh when the blonde had begun his day. Now hardly ready to reach its peak in the sky, it was still no deterrent for the unrelenting heat that was already burning through the cloudless sky. This heat was unbeknownst to Pearl's household, however, and as he moved through his kitchen clad only in his bathing suit he felt a layer of coolness settling over his body.
He worked quickly to fill the cooler with drinks, snacks, and ice as he raided the fridge and cabinets.
Soft footsteps descended the stairs as Pearl's mother entered the kitchen bearing towels and a blanket. She tucked them in a tote bag as she leaned back against the island in their modest kitchenette. Her hazel eyes watched her son check shelves she couldn't hope to reach without climbing on the counters. The clamor of cabinets in his rush as he failed to properly survey their contents the first time filled the chilled air with the distracted mumblings coming from Pearl's lips.
:iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 5 6
Perfetto (Dante Alighieri / Virgilio) by MistressBambola Perfetto (Dante Alighieri / Virgilio) :iconmistressbambola:MistressBambola 2 8


wednesday's child
it is the third of october
and i am building a castle for us
out of feathers, bird bones, 
ocean waves and library book pages. 
anything to keep our feet from
touching the ground.
you are sin, he whispers
and his fingers trail cold fire 
down my side, scorching flesh
and freezing bone;
brittle pieces of me shatter
as they hit the stained linoleum floor.
don't wake me from this nightmare.
i whisper a nursery rhyme 
as i walk down our
autumn path.
kamikaze leaves fall, trailing
fire as they throw themselves from
the branches, down, down,
to cold pavement below.
your words echo in my mind
a constant reminder
that i am sin
but you,
you were
:iconsootandcinders:sootandcinders 236 62
Marceline Bubblegum by BubbleSpeech Marceline Bubblegum :iconbubblespeech:BubbleSpeech 302 37 Manly shoes by Martiverse Manly shoes :iconmartiverse:Martiverse 308 52
letters from the sea
sometimes when i wake up
before the sun rises, when i’m all alone
and it feels like i might be the only person in the world
i notice that my face is wet
and i wonder if it’s because
i’ve been swimming with you in my dreams
i remember you
in the summer nights under the corsican stars
and the warmth of your skin in the cold seawater
i remember
how the phosphorescence coated our bodies
as we swam together,  
the salty tang of the ocean and your fingers up my spine
and us glowing like soft stars in the night
i remember how i wished it could last forever
now i wonder if the tides and my tears
were so different after all
:iconhildetann:Hildetann 140 61
Jack and Sally by StellaB Jack and Sally :iconstellab:StellaB 3,633 433 Resting by chvacher Resting :iconchvacher:chvacher 1,167 49 Snowy Sinnoh by Kidura Snowy Sinnoh :iconkidura:Kidura 629 51 Space Sirens by juliedillon Space Sirens :iconjuliedillon:juliedillon 6,342 252 Succubus by BrianMPhotography
Mature content
Succubus :iconbrianmphotography:BrianMPhotography 333 68
She is ice-cold, my snow-girl. Ice-cold, and snow-white, as beautiful as the frost-rimed spiderswebs lacing our tree. Ice-cold.
I wrapped her in my coat - see? - but still she holds the Winter in her heart, clings to the ice and the snow and the frost and the steel-surgical-blue of the sky, blue as her eyes (roll back her eyelids, see for yourself. As blue as betrayal, my snow-girl's eyes), and she will not warm herself, no, not for all my asking.
I wrapped her in my coat, and I wound my scarf around her neck three times (you see? Three. Three is lucky. Three threes is magic, but my scarf is not that long), but still she holds the ice and the snow and the frost at the heart of her and she will not warm herself, no, not for all my pleading.
I wrapped her in my coat, and I wound my scarf around her neck, and I covered her feet (you see? Such tiny feet, my snow-girl has. So small. Like doll's feet, china-white), but still she holds the Winter in the heart of her, and she will not wake and
:icongentlemananachronism:GentlemanAnachronism 164 39
Mommy! - Metroid by shawbrando Mommy! - Metroid :iconshawbrando:shawbrando 431 36 Animal impulses by BlancLemur Animal impulses :iconblanclemur:BlancLemur 14 5 Princess Bubblegum and Marcy for the holidays by EchoHearts Princess Bubblegum and Marcy for the holidays :iconechohearts:EchoHearts 36 0 Flower Snake by IllustratedEye Flower Snake :iconillustratedeye:IllustratedEye 1,617 186 Blue light by Mishkina Blue light :iconmishkina:Mishkina 651 28
PE: Poetry Forms- An A-Z
An A-Z of Poetry Forms!
To kick start this week at projecteducate, we're starting off with a slightly lighter-hearted article listing just some of the poetic forms that exist out there. Lets be honest, there are hundreds and we can't list every single one. This is just a slice of the forms out there and if you are wishing to expand your understanding of different forms, do some research and don't take this as gospel!
Each form has a direct link to a site that describes the form in more detail, usually with examples too. I have also included some good examples from dA when I have found them.
Yes some of these link to wikipedia!
ABC- A poem where each word, line or stanza starts with the next continuous letter of the alphabet. Also known as an "Abcedarian"

:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 132 126



MistressBambola's Profile Picture
Miss Salina
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
A dedicated artist and writer somewhere behind all this college work... Also, a polyglot. Feel free to speak to me in Italian, Spanish, or even French if you wanna push the envelope for me.

Ciao mie bambole,

Welcome to my page and I appreciate you stopping by! I am humbled that so soon I have received attention from the community and implore you to check back often. As you can tell, I have an affinity for the erotic arts and a love for cartoons and video games. I do hope it doesn't offend anyone but I would suggest you browsing around it if it so displeases you. I have a mixture of all mediums in my line of work and have a deep rooted passion for self expression. I'm always glad to lend advice to aspiring artists, writers, or anyone really and am always up to meet new people.

Thank you in advance for any comments, favorites, watches, etc.


Other sites:

FF.Net:… (sito di fanfiction italiano):…

Commissions are now open!

Mon Jan 21, 2013, 3:48 PM
Ciao mie bambole,

Hello my dolls, I hope you're all doing well. So as most of you know, I have been struggling to pay my tuition among other expenses that have arisen so now seems as good a time as any to start taking commissions more regularly. Below you will find information on what I'm offering, prices, disclaimers, where your money is going and a little more about myself.

Commissions are open, so what can you request?

Character concept drawings (OCs and Roleplaying faceclaims)
Erotica (Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Shota, Lolicon, etc)
Realistic Portraits (personal or celebrity)
Designs for tshirts or other customizable goods
...and much more!

Tentacles or any variation (ie. live snakes)
... and if I think of anything else the list will be lengthened.

*Not preferred:
Still Lifes
*This is not to say I won't do these, it just might take a bit longer than the others.


* No one else could do it better (Clingyshipping) by MistressBambola Muah by MistressBambola A Jester's Poison by MistressBambola Peek-a-beau by MistressBambola
A simple outline, no shading, done with a Faber-Castell Professional Pitt Artist Pen (Black India Ink, .1mm)

Starting Price $10
+$1 for additional characters
+$2 for a simple background
+$5 for a more detailed background
*digital color manipulation considered a "simple background"

Shaded Lineart

Mature Content

So much for showering (Clingyshipping) by MistressBambola

Mature Content

Over the shoulder (Ignitionshipping) by MistressBambola
Say 'Nacho Cheese'! (Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable) by MistressBambola *

Mature Content

Dolcezza (Prince Gumball/ Marshall Lee) by MistressBambola

Linearts inked with a Faber-Castell Professional Pitt Artist Pen (Black India Ink, .1mm) then shaded with graphite sticks or pencil

Starting Price $13
+$1 for additional characters
+$2 for a simple background
+$5 for a more detailed background
*digital color manipulation considered a "simple background"

Colored Lineart

Enigmatic Captive (Mysterion / Professor Chaos) by MistressBambola Mona the Jhonen-styled Lisa (Jhonen Vasquez inspi) by MistressBambola Wesssst Side Stormalong by MistressBambola :thumb297926102:
Linearts inked with a Faber-Castell Professional Pitt Artist Pen (Black India Ink, .1mm) then colored with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Starting Price $15
+$2 for additional characters
+$3 for a simple background
+$5 for a more detailed background

Realistic Portraits

Lady Gaga Heartbeats by MistressBambola Last Child by MistressBambola I think my love as rare (Sonnet 130) by MistressBambola
Portraits from photographs if requested or inspired by provided references in either graphite or charcoal

Starting Price $15*
*Depending on the size of the paper and intricacy of the piece prices are subject to increase. Submit a request to get a price estimate.
Pieces of family members or non-celebrities will not be posted to my public gallery without consent and the original will be sent to the buyer at an additional shipping fee dependent on the size.

Prints, Posters, Customizable Goods

I have an account on Zazzle where I can order virtually any item with a chosen image on it. I would prefer not to post images directly to a store on there because I get less money in the end and have to charge more to make a profit. To avoid this, you can place orders for specific items through me, I will receive a discount and will in turn ship it to you.

Prints and Posters:
:bulletpink: Print prices will vary by size. Sizes start at 8.5 x 11 in, anything 11 x 17 in or larger is considered a poster
:bulletpink: Unless requested otherwise, the standard poster size for my pieces will be 11 x 17 in. and be $15 each plus shipping
:bulletpink: Prints and Posters will come signed
:bulletpink: A small shipping fee will be incurred

Customizable Goods:
:bulletpink: Including but not limited to: phone cases, stickers, shirts, hoodies, keychains, buttons, pillows, bottles, etc
:bulletpink: I can design custom designs for any of these at your request, a small additional fee will be tacked on for the design.

How to order and Payment methods

1. Send me a note here on Deviantart or contact me via e-mail at and include:
Subject line: Commission
E-mail address on your Paypal account
Description of your request and the category you believe it falls under
Date needed by (if applicable)
Print(s): (size and quantity)
Payment method*
Discount (if applicable)

If it is an inquiry for a print order or customizable good:
Subject line: Print/Customizable good
E-mail address on your Paypal account
Description of your request (either a link to the image or a description of your design)
Item you'd like the image on:
Date needed by (if applicable)
Payment method*
Discount (if applicable)

2. I will respond to your prompt with an estimate of price and whether or not I will be accepting the request or questions. When we have come to an agreement you will be sent an invoice from Paypal.

3. Payment is required before the request will be started.

4. When the commission is complete you will receive a file copy of the original lineart (for colored and shaded images) and a final copy of the piece.

5. I ask that comments be left on this journal by customers after their requests have been filled as reviews of your experience with my services. This will also help me keep track of who will receive the Returning Customer Discount.

*If you want to pay with anything other than Paypal, please ask first! It is highly preferred that you use Paypal because it's safe and protects both of our financial well-beings


Free shipping if...
:bulletpink: If you attend my college
:bulletpink: Are a returning customer within the Continental US
:bulletpink: Live in New York state
:bulletpink: You advertise me on any website in the form of signature promotion, journal features, facebook shares, tumblr posts*
*The advertisement must be up for a minimum of 24 hours and a link or screenshot of the promotion where the time and/or date is clearly visible is required.

Where is your money going?

Well, my dolls, for those who don't know me, my name is Salina and I am a college student currently pursuing a degree in Modern Foreign Languages at a private liberal arts college in Upstate New York. What that means is basically I am doing a double major in foreign languages, my specialization is in Italian and my secondary is in Spanish. What I plan on doing with that degree is going to graduate school to pursue a PH.D in Italian Art History to ultimately become an Italian professor and art historian at a university. Part of my program requires me to go abroad at least one semester per language that I major in so I must go to both Spain and Italy before I graduate or I will not fulfill the requirements of my degree.

Aside from college, I have been an avid writer and artist since I was probably seven years old and have been actively working toward improving ever since. I have been taking commissions mostly in the form of freelance traditional portraits for about 5 years now but now I am truly in need of the funds. Currently, I am attempting to finance my college education entirely on my own and generate the funds to go abroad for my program next year. In order to better help my cause, I currently have two jobs on top of my full time student status but am struggling to make the money I need fast enough. You can be certain that your funds are going toward a worthy cause and that this is a genuine need.

Financial distribution:
:bulletpink:$2500 after financial aid for tuition per semester
:bulletpink:$5000 per semester I am abroad (includes plane tickets)
:bulletpink:$200 textbooks per semester
:bulletpink:$30 groceries a semester


As the artist I reserve the right to display the image in my public gallery unless the image is referenced of a non-celebrity or public figure. Moreover, selling prints of previous commissions can and will be done at my discretion.

Shipping costs will be incurred for anyone wishing to have a physical copy of their request, for anyone ordering prints of former requests and pieces, or anyone ordering customizable goods. Shipping will vary depending on location.

As the artist I reserve the right to change prices based on difficulty or lack there of. When the request is placed, a price estimate will be generated that may be less than or slightly more than the base costs.

As the artist I reserve the right to be credited should my pieces be displayed on other sites and my signature, watermarks, or any like emblems are not to be removed or tampered with.

I will accept ten commissions at a time and have a five person waiting list. Commissions will be done as promptly as possible so check back often!

Deviant Pink skin by YoshiOG1


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