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Dear Journal,

Its been a bit over a year and I wish I could have done more :) I'm happy Ive had the opportunity to answer questions and give guidance to quite a few new comers in the pixel art gallery as well as other galleries :D I'm glad I got to pick DD's that were so greatly accepted, as well as provide tutorials and guidance to new artists.

This experience opened me up to much more of DA than I was familiar with and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

I'm always here to answer your questions, take your suggestions, and pass them on. At this time I dont know who will be taking on the Pixel art Gallery, but I assure you it will go to good hands.

PS - When in doubt, there's always the help desk <3

:bulletred:Commissions / Job openings:bulletred:

I am currently Available for various projects.

I work for an avatar site and would like some items made. Are you able to assist?
I am more than willing to do some freelance work for any avatar based website. I can do weapons, critters (pets) outfits, hair, and accessories. I can do backgrounds and floor tiles as well but they tend to take me a bit longer.

Do you have any examples of your work?
Since most avatar sites are smaller in scale here are a few 'doll' examples;

How much do you charge?
Id prefer to discuss this over MSN or AIM. You can send me a note here, or email me at Jaeden(at)Autumnpixels(dot)com. Im pretty reasonable considering Im normally broke and can use any additional income I come across. :D

What method of payment do you take?
Paypal works best.

Private Comission List
Please note me if your interested in a private commission.
:iconbrkuhlman: = 80% done
:iconchshenanigans: = Are you still interested?

Community Information

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You can check out today's DD's here - today.deviantart.com/dds/

Gallery Directors for the Pixel Art community are;
:iconarmaina: :iconmistress-jaeden:

Not sure what Isometric pixel art is?
Check this out!

Looking for a cutting-edge Pixel-only community to hone your skills at?
Pixel Joint Offers Weekly challenges, forums, and advanced criticism for your advancement as a pixel artist!
Caution; Expect to have your ass handed to you via critique.

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Lyricanna's avatar
You did a great job, thank you for taking care of the pixel gallery =)
Cherieosaurus's avatar
I would apply, but I don't think they're ready for this jelly.

And, I couldn't have my peoples backs the way I like to have them when I go out on one of my FUCK explosions.

You had a damn good run of it though! That's fo'sho.
Pixel-Spotlight's avatar
It really doesn't seem like a year ago! :o
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
DA (lol) baby is 9 months old now. I was like, 3 months preggers with her when I applied. Time flies!
Pixel-Spotlight's avatar
:noes: Woah, it does! I remember voting on all those polls when you were still pregnant... I totally voted alien.
Gomotes's avatar
Hope you did not loose your head, because it would be a big loose for the pixel gallery.
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
o.o Where would My head go?
Gomotes's avatar
Broken into half. Hope that would not happen and you save it. ;)
lunar-eclipse's avatar
I am sad to hear you're leaving the post but wish the best of luck to whoever's next! :heart:
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
Im sure they will put it in great hands :D
The-Golden-Knight's avatar
I hate to hear someone leave, but on the other hand, I would like to pick up the ^
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
You could always apply :)
The-Golden-Knight's avatar
Ooh, and how can I do that?
dawnofminstrel's avatar
Oh, it seems the best GMs for the PA gallery always leave so soon. :/
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
Oh its not bad at all, A year of love, a year of vacation <3
vanmall's avatar
Thank you for your great work. :)
SkiitzPixel's avatar
D: Another awesome GM has to step down? This sucks. Oh well.. I do agree, you've done a wonderful job. :) Hard to believe your little one is already about 9 months old. o_o It doesn't feel like it's been that long. XD
jenepooh's avatar
I can't believe it's been a year so far. Thanks so much sweetie for doing a wonderful job! :heart: :hug:
Mistress-Jaeden's avatar
FionaCreates's avatar
you're shitting me?! It's been a year since you joined?!
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