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Okay so I want to Spread my Arts around a bit more So I am doing Four $15 Usd grab bags.
Grab Bags by Mistress-Enbella

I am doing Only Four of them 

Now I know some of you would like to add character to the drawing and That is Fine, but up to two characters is free after that it is + $2 USD For every character after that. CX CX

There is One Headshot and one Fully body in each one Here is Some of my work. I am will make the Full body NSFW if you want it that way.

Here is a Link to some of my work.
*inhales then exhales* Okay hello all. So I have made a choice to well go back to pencil/pen and paper. I don't really like doing my drawing on the computer. I don't think they come out as good. I know most people prefer the digital route. *smile* But I will be one a few that will be PPP. Pencil ✎/Pen ✒ and Paper. Well good night all and I hope you will stay or join. Me for what I have to offer.
Hello my people *smiles* I am so very sorry that I was gone. I did not have only way to make new drawings. Now I am back and I am ready to give you guys new photos *waves* Welp I glad to be back. Till next time my people.
Hey guys *smiles* I am sorry I have sot started the story. I have a few big family things come up. But I promise to get it to you as soon as I can.
Okay most people do a comic on here. I going to Chang it up. I am going to do a story. With a few drawing to go with it. Okay that is all for now. My story will start tomorrow. Oh and if you guys want PM me if you have any ideas youbwatbto put in to it.
Ello people. I am super sorry I been off trying to better myself. In a lot of way. *smiles* But I am back and 100% ready to be posting a heck of a lot more. But please don't get mad if I fail because some time I do that. *looks at time* Wow look at that it is 1 in yhte morning. Well I will be post some later to day for now I am so in need of sleep.
Hello "waving at you all" So as you can see I have started with my posting. I can only hope you all will like what I am trying to do.
Ready set play. *waves to the people* Hello I am Enbella I am new and well I am just here to be me and be free. I write stories and I dabble in art. *smiles and spins* So please just be patient with me and I will do my best