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Divine Elemental Symbols

Here is the next four set of elemental symbols. The divine elements of Darkness, Light, Time and Dimension. And don't worry, I will complete the series. I am in the process of working on the celestial elements of Life, Death, Chaos and Balance. After that? I'M DONE!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;p
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These are very cool! I like the design of light and dark. Plus the time one is very unique and cool since most people use a clock to represent it.
Are you still planning to the celestial elements of Life, Death, Chaos and Balance yet?
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You made this in Paint?
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All three groups of symbols look AMAZING!
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It looks great!! I love how there's always a circle in the symbols.
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yeah, since the others had it, I tried to incorporate the circle in each one so that you can tell they go together as a group. Not only that, but the circle is usually my starting point lol
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We will see about that! Off to think about what you might have missed
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lol, ruh roh. The thing is? I know of other elements. Energy, Spirit, Void and Creation. But those are technically the 'eternal' elements. There are basically five different types of elements. Primary, Secondary, Divine, Celestial, and Eternal. I'm an elemental fanatic.
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I see that. I'm forced to wonder what ki, chi, chakara, falls under? It always seems to me a combination of ethereal, & physical, & what about magic? Oh and congratulations for posting a more positive rant! Lol
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Ki, Chi and Chakra is pretty much the same as energy, along with magic. because it takes energy to create them and they are energy. They are the energy within one's self. They are the inner energy
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Yes, but are you indeed going to be in the process of drawing the eternal elements after the celestial elements?
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