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Deathly Hallows Harrymort

This is the real reason I'm excited to see Deathly Hallows. XD LOL!

Have you SEEN this trailer??? JIZZ IN MY PANTS. <3
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Don't care how it's done. Harrymort is creepy as all hell.
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Harry is like "wtf...??"
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GAAAAH. This is so le perfection! I love their faces! 
Lalapony333's avatar
for some reason i ship it
CrystalOokami's avatar
So this is a nose...
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This is wonderful.
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The faces and poses make me think of those aunts who go "Oh, aren't you just the cutest thing!" XD He's even doing the lip thing! lol
hobbit--girl's avatar
nyuuuuuuuuuuu voldemort <3
Nimbuschick's avatar
Excellent work. Voldemort's expression has me captivated.
OptimusPrimeLover98's avatar
I don't know why but i think it is soooo cute :shrug:
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I can't wait to see what happens :D
EnderGrievesForMe14's avatar
Favorite part of the trailer! I LOL'ed so hard at the slashiness of this moment! <3
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not sure why....but I like this~
Envidia47's avatar
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yeah the trailer *__*
*can't wait anymore* >.<
Please draw the next step *__*
pleeeeeeeeease or I'm gonna die T_T
Nephsech's avatar
omnomnom do want :D
I here i thought i was the only one fine with snakey voldemort C:
LydiaEldafreya's avatar
Snakey Voldy is as hawt as TomRiddly Voldy. :3
sk8trbabe93's avatar
i DID see it! XD i was like "KIIIIIIINKYYYYYYY!" XD
fedishi's avatar
Me tooooo!!
I saw the trailer and practically exploded with joy when I saw this happening XD
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f*cking love this!
Lady-MK's avatar! :excited:

Damn, you did great job with Voldemort! The flat nose, the evil grin and the shadow around the eye, all greatly done. :D Voldemort's hand looks a bit odd though, the perspective is not excatly correct... Or then he's just having especially nasty grab of Harry's jaw. :XD: Hehee!

Love this! I have seen the trailer and this part made me squee! :woohoo:
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Well, I tried to base his hand on a still from the trailer. He looks like he's really trying to take a chunk out of Harry's face. LOL!
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