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So, as everyone probably knows by now, DA is going to get a major redesign at some point in the future, and many people already complained about Eclipse being non user-friendly/barely watchable and said they might stop using DA after it will get Eclipse-d. I doubt I'm gonna leave, but in any case, I figured it would never hurt to share my other social media accounts :) Feel free to follow me on any of these sites! (especially on IG and FA; I only recently started using these for posting my art and definitely wouldn't mind more followers)

Instagram (2016) Icon mid by linux-rules
(I'm currently using IG as an alternative to my DA gallery)

Furaffinity Icon mid by linux-rules
(another place where I post my art, animals only)

Tumblr (whiteonblue) Icon mid by linux-rules
(not really active on this site atm but I keep it as an archive for art/fandom stuff, and sometimes chat with friends) 

Vkontakte Icon mid by linux-rules
(для русскоязычных; можете добавляться, но там я не особо активна и арт не посчу)

Animal commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 25, 2018, 6:30 AM

I’m open for feral-only commissions again! If you want to buy art from me, please, read the information below carefully. (ATTENTION: prices were updated!) 

For those on my waiting list - you get a slot automatically, just send me your details :)

Accepted currency: USD and EUR

Payment method: Paypal

To commission me, simply send me a note titled "Commission" and fill out THE FOLLOWING FORM:

- ref(s) of character(s) (PLEASE make sure they're of decent quality!)
- description of the image you want with them (pose(s), expression(s), etc.)
- your Paypal address;
- any other details you'd find necessary.  


Commission prices 2019 by Mistrel-Fox

Sketch - $14 bust | $20 fullbody | $9/$15 for extra character

Greyscale sketch of one or more characters.

Colored sketch – $18 bust | $30 fullbody | $12/$20 for extra character

Flat-colored sketch of one or more characters; shading can be added but will cost extra.

Colored sketch + background – starts at $45

Colored sketch featuring one or more characters, with detailed (sketched) background; the price will depend on how much stuff there will be in your background.


  [CM] Mistyfang by Mistrel-Fox  
[CM] Xana and James by Mistrel-Fox   [CM] Krissi and Tally by Mistrel-Fox

Bullet; Red  Note: simpler backgrounds, like sky or desert, will cost less than $45!

Flat colors - $24 bust | $40 fullbody | $18/$30 for extra character

Flat-colored drawing of one or more characters. You can choose between transparent and simple one color background!

Full colors - $27 bust | $45 fullbody | $20/$35 for extra character

Full-colored piece featuring one or more characters. You can choose between transparent and simple one-color background!

Bullet; Red Note: For striped and spotted characters, like leopards/tigers/cheetahs/etc., the price will be higher and will depend on the complexity of a character’s design.

Bullet; Red If a character has a lot of detailed accessories like necklaces with gems, chains, etc., the price will also be higher.

I also do custom orders! If you’re interested in a type of commission that isn’t listed here (badge, ref sheet, base, etc), ask me about it :)

I WILL draw:

✓ animals
✓ fantasy/mythical creatures
✓ OC’s/self-inserts
✓ fanart (like TLK and such)

I WON'T draw:

✗ humans/humanoids
✗ anthros/furries
✗ fetishes
✗ gore
✗ offensive material


quality refs of character(s) are required!

- PayPal only

- USD/EUR only

- payment is done via invoice, meaning I’ll ask for your Paypal

- for sketch commissions, payment is upfront; for other options, payment is after the rough sketch is approved


Depends on my schedule and the type of commission and can vary from 1 day to ~1 week since the payment is done. You can always keep track of your commission’s progress on my profile page, in the ID section (“Commission status”)!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments here :)

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Groups for animal art/OCs?

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 17, 2017, 6:42 AM

Can anyone recommend me any active DA groups with over 1k members, focused on animal art & animal OCs? I plan to make more animal art in the near future, and I'd like to share it somewhere other than my own gallery, but nearly all groups I joined over the past years are dead now ;v;

(Please don't rec furry-only groups)

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Commissions [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 12, 2016, 4:46 AM

UPD: closed for now!

I'm open for Paypal commissions again! Details are below :)


Commission prices (updated) by Mistrel-Fox

Sketch  $7 half-body, $10 fullbody; +$5 for each extra character

Digital sketch of character(s), no background

Flat colors  $22 half-body, $30 fullbody. +$10 for each extra character

Flat-colored drawing of character(s); transparent or solid color background

+ Shading  $35 half-body, $45 fullbody. +$15 for each extra character

Colored and shaded drawing of character(s); transparent or solid color background

Scene – starts at $70

Full-on colored illustration with detailed background. Price starts at $70 and is negotiated depending on the background’s complexity. (I should warn you though that I'll only do architecture/interior backgrounds if there a clear reference on my hands which I could draw from!! I'm bad at imagining and drawing those, sorry)

I do custom orders! If you’re interested in a type of commission that isn’t listed here (lineart, reference sheet, etc), ask me :)

Every image is created in high resolution (300 dpi) 

I will draw:

✓ OC’s
✓ Fanart
✓ Humans
✓ Anthros/furries
✓ Fantasy creatures

I won’t draw:

✗ Fetishes
✗ Gore
✗ Mecha
✗ Guns
✗ Offensive material
✗ Some pairings (clarify first)


- clear refs of character(s) are required

- USD only

- PayPal only

- for sketch commissions, payment is upfront; for other options, payment is after the sketch is approved

Time of work

Depends on the type of commission and ranges from 1 day to 1-2 weeks (complete illustration with bg)

If you’re interested in commissioning me, e-mail me at (title "Commission")

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UPD: commissions are closed until winter!

Heyyy folks, I'm opening Paypal commissions! :dance: This time full range of options :D
All prices are in US dollars!

Star! PRICE LIST Star! 

Prices by Mistrel-Fox

For more examples, visit my gallery or Tumblr art tag!

I also do CUSTOMS! Like this one:
::CM:: Griffin for Frossti by Mistrel-Fox
There are no new examples but feel free to ask me about it :nod:

Star! RULES Star! 

Each extra character = original price / 1.5

Styles I draw in:
- My usual cartoon style
- TLK style
- Gravity Falls style

I WILL draw:
- animals
- humans
- anthro
- mythical/fantasy creatures
- fanart
- original characters
- human characters as animals

I will NOT draw:
- gijinka/humanizations
- mecha and guns
- NSFW/explicit sexual themes
- fetishes
- gore
- offensive material

Time of work:
I usually work fast so a turnaround ranges from 1 day (sketch, lineart) to 3 days - 1 week max (fully colored pieces with bg). It also depends on a number of customers I have but there are usually not many.

All images are created in 300 dpi resolution so they can be printed!

Star! ORDERING Star! 

- Send me a note with a title "Commission" and an image/ref of a character(s) you want (if it's an OC, make sure it's your own character and belongs to you only!)
- Specify their expression/pose
- If you order a piece with background, specify its complexity (simple texture, interior bg, nature bg, etc.) The best option is a ref image/photo of the background you want! I'm NOT good at buildings and trees though, so order that at your own risk.
- If I have no problem with your order, I'll send you a reply with my PayPal email and a total cost of your piece(s)
- For sketches and linearts, you pay all money in advance
- For other options, you pay half the price after the sketch is approved, and the rest of money after the piece is finished.

If you have questions, ask them here! :)

Sketch Commissions OPEN

Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:46 PM


For the first time since forever, I open commissions! Because I finally realized how much I need US currency on my PayPal *-* (no point commissions this time, sorry)

I decided to open just sketches at first, to make sure everything will work! I'll make other options available later. The style I draw in is my usual cartoon-ish style.

Price list:

What I'll draw:
✔ Fanart
✔ Animals
✔ Humans (also human characters as animals)
✔ Fantasy/mythical creatures (including humanoids)

What I won't draw:
✘ Furries
✘ NSFW/erotic art
✘ Fetish art
✘ Mecha

To make an order, follow those steps: 

- Send me a note with a title "Commission" and an image/ref of a character you want (if it's an OC, make sure it's your own character and belongs to you only!) 
- Specify their expression/pose;
- If I have no problem with your order, I'll send you a reply with my PayPal email; you pay first!
- When I'm done with your order, I send you the finished sketch.
- In case you want 2 or more characters in one sketch, specify their poses/expressions as well and we'll negotiate the price, extra characters cost less =)

If you have any questions, ask them in Comments please!

6 years on DA

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 11:47 PM
Wow, I just realized today is the 6th anniversary of my DA account :Ь It seems like just yesterday I joined this big community to impress/horrify people with my shitty Naruto-wolves drawings :XD: Time sure flies fast! 

I just wanted to once again thank all my watchers for staying with me and liking my art - it means the world to me! I also recently hit 100,000 pageviews and that's kind of an accomplishment? Trophy B-) (Cool) 

I wanted to feature rad people who made my years on this website truly great but realized it would be too big task to do, plus I don't want to miss out someone... Whatever, I love you all guys! Heart 

Hope I'll stay here for many more years c:

Thanks for reading !

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Awww guys, thanks so much for your birthday wishes!! Love you all <33
1. Вы должны в своем посту написать эти правила.
2. Каждый должен написать 10 фактов о себе.
3. Выберите около 5 человек для дальнейшего тага.
4. Сообщите им о вашем таге.

1. Перфекционист. Очень требовательна к результату, в работе всегда уделяю львиную долю времени мельчайшим деталям. Несмотря на это, редко когда довольна тем, что в итоге получается.
2. Ненавижу детей, особенно младенцев. Еще больше ненавижу, когда пытаются навязать свое мнение по этому поводу и думают, что могут изменить мое.
3. Худая как доска, при этом вообще не ограничиваю себя в еде :Р *тортики*
4. Вегетарианка. (Не считаю это ограничением, т.к. к мясу всегда была равнодушна, а отказ от него помог избавиться от одной существенной проблемы со здоровьем.)
5. Уже год обитаю на сайтах петиций (Avaaz, WalkFree, Care2 и т.д.). Осознание того, что можешь помогать людям и изменять мир к лучшему своим голосом - это бесценно :')
6. Скрытый граммар-наци. Хоть и бросила привычку тыкать людей носом в их ошибки, желание все равно остается.
7. Привязываюсь к местам и их атмосфере, но совершенно не умею привязываться к людям. Еще не поняла, делает ли это меня счастливее или наоборот с:
8. Прокрастинатор, имею идиотскую привычку часами не браться за дело из боязни, что результат окажется не таким, как я ожидала (см. Перфекционист).
9. Нет ни одного человека, которого я бы могла назвать своим настоящим другом. Я слишком осознанно отношусь к жизни, чтобы полностью доверять кому-то, кроме себя х)
10. Обожаю птиц. Странно, что в моей галерее они вообще не мелькают)

Таги? Хмм...
I know I'm late, but I finally decided to write my DA story xD

Sooo, I joined DA almost six years ago and I'm still thankful to the person who told me of this place, arucarrd (she was Quckie back then). I created my account on December 7, 2008, and since then there hasn't been a day I regretted it. I befriended lots of people who shared my passion for many things, gained praise and critique on my works which helped me in artistic growth; this site was a great help providing me with brushes, textures and other stuff needed to any artist, and it's still my greatest inspiration when it comes to art.

Now, I know it's laughable but here's the work which started my dA gallery (although I wouldn't even call this shame a 'work'):

Ah, good times. I think the folder with Naruto animals still contains, like, 60 or 70% of all the works I did. And to this fandom's credit, I improved a lot during a year and a half of being there. So thanks a lot to everyone who supported me on this stage, 'cause I know many people I met in that period of time are still watching me =)
And yeah, I know it should be "You haven't changed" but I sucked at English back then, haha. 

Well, there sure was a lot of fandoms and obsessions over the years, and some progress too, but I want to feature 9 works I like the most, for different reasons.

AT - The battle by Mistrel-Fox
Surprisingly, another Naruto fanart. More precisely, Waruto fanart, 'Waruto' was a fan comic made by RussianKunoichi (now Do-El; damn, am I the only one who didn't change her old nickname? xD), where all Naruto characters were wolves. The comic and the author were very popular, I remember we communicated a lot during this time, and honestly, I'm very grateful to this person for constantly inspiring me to draw more and improve my skills, since she was a VERY fast-drawing artist, and also self-confident one. Another reason I chose this work is that I like the action and emotion here; to be precise, negative emotion, which is a theme my recent works lack veeery much. I really should draw more works like this one. x)

HTTYD - Hiccup by Mistrel-Fox
Pffft, my most viewed work for some reason, over 20,000 views. Maybe because I posted it when the first HTTYD just hit the cinemas and many people stumbled upon it for those 4 years. Still, I like this work, there's some... naivety in it?

::FMA:: We'll never forget... by Mistrel-Fox
This one is very special to me. I think that even after several more years, I will still love it as much despite its obvious flaws. Because it's FMA and Elrics and all the great experience and good memories this manga gave me, all put into one work <333 It also got featured 2 times outside of DA, first time on some FMA novellization page, second time in a big video tribute to FMA, along with many other fanart pieces.

AT - Sunset by Mistrel-Fox
Art trade with LanieJ, her two characters. Love the colors and general impression, although the background sucks (but tell me one time my backgrounds didn't suck, haha). Also like how Lanie's hair came out =)

Suspicious zebra (headshot example) by Mistrel-Fox
Random zebra, just love it xD

.: PaperRon :. by Mistrel-Fox
Okay, this one was very easy to make since I had a screenshot as a reference, so this is like the only time I made a good clear background =D (no, it's... not copypasted like some folks think). It features one of my OTPs, Kim and Ron from 'Kim Possible', as George and Meg from 'Paperman', the Disney's short movie. And I can tell you for sure, when I started to work on this drawing I had absolutely no idea it will become my most popular post on Tumblr in just a few hours, and later get into Tumblr's 2013 Feature! I still have NO IDEA what's so appealing about this work, but it gained over 500,000 notes to that point and that's cool. xD

I know all your tricks by Mistrel-Fox
Horsified Doc and Lightning from 'Cars', and that says it all <3 And yaaaay, another dynamic scene! 

Riders and Defenders of Berk by Mistrel-Fox
Easily my favorite HTTYD work :D Just love how it turned out, the textures and dragons' silhouettes work together really well.

The cold never bothered me anyway by Mistrel-Fox
Elsa in LK style, I like this piece for its color scheme, thin lines (one thing I'm always struggle with), and soft shading.

And once again, I'm really grateful to everyone who faved/watched/communicated with me on this site all those years <33 Happy (belated) Birthday, DA! :party:
UPD: okay, it seems DA is unblocked now, I think those idiots realized their mistake xD so no worries, guys =)

lolwhut deviantart has just gotten banned in my country xD apparently those imbeciles from the government have no idea about anonymity networks haha

In all seriousness, I'm getting tired of this shit. So some hentai content is a reason enough for adding the whole DA to the regystry of blacklisted websites? I can understand torrents, but this... fuck you Russia, just. fuck you.
I'm back from Hong Kong! :dance: And all I can say is that it was the best trip abroad in my life! (except England in 2004) But really, this city, I'm in love :love:

Gonna sort out photos on the week, maybe I'll make some posts on Tumblr or just submit 'em here =)

I missed y'all so much guys!! :heart: :la:
I'm off to Hong Kong with my family, will be back in 2 weeks! Sorry if I left some comments unanswered =)


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tumblr m4qfl93egx1rwcc6bo1 500

Yeah, this is how our group celebrated :XD:

Me did! Me did! :D Got to the premiere with my friend, just a couple of hours ago :happybounce:


but that's basically my reaction throughout the movie:

tumblr inline mpp5ngcv Ix1qz4rgp
tumblr inline mmb0yenu JZ1qz4rgp
tumblr inline mra7dce Ld41qz4rgp
tumblr inline mlha7vv BRL1qz4rgp
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tumblr inline mnqj644dwy1qz4rgp
tumblr inline mnsxmh2z QQ1qz4rgp
tumblr inline mp64utt RII1qz4rgp
tumblr inline msj6ufkuk K1qz4rgp
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tumblr mla17r Pj0p1s4aojoo5 250
tumblr inline mra86on L7a1qz4rgp
tumblr inline mt8ya2 Jtrv1qg3cvo

God, once again I realized that HTTYD is the best thing EVER made by Dreamworks. Like four years ago, when I went to see HTTYD in the cinema three times because I never loved a movie so badly before... I don't even want to imagine what Part 3 will do to me in 2016 :'D And now I SO want to go to the cinema again, or stay and wait for those who will see it in the coming days and just talk about the movie non-stop - but aaarrrggghhh I have a university to graduate from Oh Noes!  Nuu  I think I've fainted.  holy shit my oral presentation for diploma is in less than two weeks NUUUUU~~ and then final state exams, kill me please :dead:

'kay, another friend of mine wrote me and said she just watched the movie too, so I should go and share some HTTYD feels with her ;w; Oh, and thanks to everyone who wished me luck with uni stuff in the last entry! I love you guuuys, thanks a lot for your support! :hug: :heart: Thanks for everything! 

See you all in July,
Peace out! :peace:
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Wow, there was a HUGE leap of activity on my page on May 12, I was +watched by 27 people in just a day :O Thank y'all guys =) Anyway, I was going to declare that I will be dead until July...literally dead because I'm working on my graduation project and studying for finals :dead: Just realized I didn't say about it anywhere except the comment to my last work c: For the same reason, no replying to comments, sorry.

Peace out~ :peace:


Mon Feb 17, 2014, 2:55 AM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Edit: all slots are taken!! Thank you guys, it was really fast :D

Guys, 5 slots for requests! Quick sketchy art of any ANIMAL character you want. Preferably canine or feline, birds are ok too. And ONLY of natural colors, like my OC:

Mistrel's redesign? by Mistrel-Fox

I have shitloads of work to do for RL, but I can't handle this fucking itch for drawing anymore. Agh. 
Oh, and if you'll request something, be ready to wait :3

1. :iconlordcyro: 
2. :iconansticewolf: 
3. :iconrose-laxzi: 
4. :iconsourlimonfresh: 
5. :iconsianna-cyberhound: 


Tue Jan 14, 2014, 12:00 AM
<-- yes, that's my new icon xD *finally got a chance to get rid of the Christmas one*

Just dropping by to check my inbox c: And then dissappearing again because of study... fuck, the last year at uni is so exhausting x_x

Hope you're all doing well (: and thanks to everyone who +watched me! <3

Another boring entry + Horse Calendar

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 7:51 PM
Hi guys! I was busy with university projects recently, and I'm happy to say that to this moment I'm free from most of them :) (well, except one) I hope I'll have time to draw something until the end of that year, besides, I wanna make another art meme :3

On the fandom part: I'm still firmly both feet in the NYSM fandom, but I also began to have feels for the old ones, such as FMA and HTTYD (hell, I watched Riders of Berk just yesterday, the whole season one, it was awesome! *o* And now I'm looking forward to the sequel even more <3). And my Kim/Ron feels also suddenly increased lately :D I think I'm becoming a true multi-fandom person %)

And finally, since the next year is Year of the Horse, I'd like to suggest to check out that amazing calendar with epic horse paintings made by Russian DA artists:

:bulletred::snowflake::bulletred:  :bulletred::snowflake::bulletred: 

You can download it and print in polygraphy :)

See ya later! :wave:

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Wed Oct 23, 2013, 4:44 AM
Profile | Gallery | Favourites

Omygosh, thanks so much for your congratulations, folks!!! :la: :happybounce: So many of them :dance: Can't reply every single one but I read 'em all and I love you all, guys :heart::heart: 

And yeah, I officially turned 20 years old :party: And I still don't feel adult at all :XD:

Got lovely gifts and hugs from my uni friends, calls with wishes from relatives from my hometown, and had a very nice dinner in the restaurant with my family. And was getting ready to the uni seminar all night long after that, but that's another story xD

Special thanks to m-angela and DrakebyRS for their wonderful gifts!! :glomp: :love:

.:Gift:. 'Graduation' catch by m-angela 

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