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Warm facade, Frozen heart

And, in the midst of my preparation for grad exams and getting an uni degree, I give you... lionized prince Hans from ‘Frozen’. Warning, below is a long ramble about a fictional character. And spoilers for those who still haven’t watched the movie, but I guess the pic itself is a major spoiler c:

Sooo... Heh, that's kind of interesting. You know, it's a totally usual thing for me that when I watch a popular movie/read a popular book, I tend to like characters who are either not liked or generally ignored by most people. This, however, is the first time when the only character besides Elsa who really interested me in ‘Frozen’, turned out to be hated by 95% of viewers. Just my luck, huh? xD But seriously, I can say with certainty that I've never seen so much hatred for a villain before – well, a Disney villain at least. And while I get why people are calling Hans a douchebag and a prick, I strongly disagree with those who consider him a lousy/lame villain.

In my opinion, Hans is one of the most complex characters Disney ever created – and what’s best is that complexity isn't shown straight away. The funny thing is that I knew there was something up with him from the outset, and no, nobody spoiled the reveal for me; I just felt it. Maybe because I'm a huge sceptic when it comes to 'love at the first sight' – well, with Hans and Anna it was at least bearable until his blunt 'Marry me?' xD So, I was waiting for him to make an unexpected move – and to be honest, when he finally revealed his true self to Anna, not only I wasn't shocked, I also felt some sort of weird joy. Now don't get me wrong, I cheered the loudest when Anna punched him and threw him off the ship, because the bastard deserved it for everything he's done; but in that moment I was glad that he turned out to be the very type of villain which is the rarest for Disney movies. Cunning, deceitful, scheming, not hesitating to manipulate people and play on their emotions just to get what he wants – and all that behind the facade of a nice, kind, charming man with attractive looks. And at the same time, he's shown as someone who can take care of citizens in need: of course mainly because he strives for power, adoration and respect from others, the things he never had at home; but he’s not like Scar who became a ruler of a kingdom which hated him and was ravaged completely under his ‘reign’. Unlike all those classic Disney villains, Hans is not purely evil: he's realistic, he’s complex, he’s human. It doesn't mean I'm a Hans' apologist or something, I just find him very interesting and research-worthy. I could write a lot more on his character, but it’s kinda pointless to do it in a comment to the work; just want to say that for today, he’s one of my favorite Disney villains, and characters in general. There, I said it, you can throw eggs at me now c:

Er, am I supposed to say 'Haters gonna hate'? xD  

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character © Disney

P.S. I’ve got a new siggy, yay :Р
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I agree! Hans is my favorite Disney villain ever. 
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totally agreed  , nice idea and drawing .
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I AGREE SO MUCH *shields you from eggs* Hans needs, like, a fanfiction written about him or something
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This is so beautifully done
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This is beautifully done
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Handsome kitty~! Love 
Mistrel-Fox's avatar
Thanks x) He is <3
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i have a feeling i wanna see exactly this, but with Prince Hans from Frozen
Pickles-of-Destiny's avatar
hans looks really default, lol
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~Haters gonna hate hate hate~

I loved Hans as a villain and I do hope he shows up in future Frozen thingamabobs. I would like to know more about his family and his back story.

Plus, he finally reveals his true intentions to Anna when he removes his gloves. Notice that? ^_^ Elsa also becomes herself when she removes her gloves.

Hans is truly my fave character from Frozen, then Elsa, then Kristoff and Sven
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Lionizing him shows the similarities between him and Scar. They're both backstabbing-king-selfish jerks, and I flipping love them! Beautiful art! After briefly viewing your gallery, I gave you a watch!
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Thank you so much! =)
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He's a very complex character. I personally didn't care for the movie but my favorite part was the twist.
Mistrel-Fox's avatar
Same, actually I strongly dislike Frozen now thanks to Disney's treatment of it, but I still like Hans as a separate character and a villain :>
AllSeeingPortrait's avatar
Me too. He isn't my favorite(that's Bill Cipher by far), but he's a great villain.
Mistrel-Fox's avatar
When it comes to Disney villains, my favorite ones are Scar, King Candy/Turbo, Bill Cipher, and Hans. I have a liking for 'two-faced scheming asshole' type of villains :>
AllSeeingPortrait's avatar
Hmm, i love villains that are simultaneously hilarious and/or intimidating. My picks for just plain villains are Bill Cipher, the hyenas from the Lion King, Kronk, Rasputin and his bat, and Darla Dimple.
Mistrel-Fox's avatar
What a coincidence, I just watched a vid with Darla Dimple on Tumblr :Р Both versions of 'Big and Loud', precisely
AllSeeingPortrait's avatar
She's so mean. And Rasputin is a force to be reckoned with.
Mistrel-Fox's avatar
By the way, Darla reminds me very much of Lil' Gideon, they're both young children with an adorable facade but actually are little spawns of Satan who can be downright creepy if they want to...
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"I'm no fraud, but beneath this warm façade, I'm Prince Charmless underneath."

I enjoyed Hans as a character and a villain as well. When it came to Hans before I saw the move I suspected seeing as how Anna was going to be on the adventure with Kristoff I had a feeling Hans would either be the good guy who lets the princess have the other guy, or be a bad guy. Though seeing as the former happened in a variation in Enchanted my best bet was with the latter and I was right. In fact I was the only on cinema that did not gasp I shock at the big reveal due to seeing it coming a mile away.
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