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[OTA] Ahote - ON HOLD

UPD: currently on hold for :icondelicateworks:

Drew this wolfie yesterday and decided to put him up for auction :) (I think it's safe to say now that I have a thing for dark red characters cuz it's the third dark red/brown adopt in a row that I'm making)

it's an OTA adopt so offer whatever you want - usd, points, art etc. - and I'll choose the best deal after 2-3 days~ (only please, don't offer me characters/designs 'cause I absolutely don't need them)

offer here:…

general adoption rules:
- any alterations to the original design are allowed
- owner can't re-sell the design
- owner can request a transparent image
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I also like dark red, its an interesting color :)

Noice job!

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It's definitely a colour-scheme that works for you :D

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Oh he’s fantastic looking!

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Offer here~

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I will offer 5$ and multiple pieces of art. I can do headshots, fullbodies, busts, linearts, scenes, and more

Jekyll Fullbody By Hellrose211 Ddxscew-pre~3
Marie By Hellrose211 Ddxscff-pre~2
Wolf Boy By Hellrose211 Ddxscfi-pre~2
Akarias Ref By Hellrose211 Ddxscfr-pre~2
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I love her 😍
If your interested, I would be willing to draw a headshot/bust or a chibi for her! I don’t have a lot of examples, but here are some:…
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this cub and 2 head shots

here is an example

WIN 20201001 01 27 20 Pro
WIN 20201018 20 29 53 Pro
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Azenfliel finished art trade

here another example

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Awwww he's so cute! I'd like to offer a hand drawn headshot commision.

Here's an example of one that i've uploaded to the computer and colored.

Nyoro- Sarabi's Dad (1)

PS they take a lot of work.

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