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"I had suggested to Dipper that because of all the misfortune caused by [the journals], we burn them in the last campfire of the summer. Mabel, Soos, & Stan all seemed very excited by this notion. But Dipper had a better idea: we burn all my Bill Cipher artifacts instead. So we did. My scrolls, carpets, window... everything I'd ever collected with Bill went into the pile. We made s'mores and told stories until sunrise." (from Journal 3)

Hey everyone, I'm back with another Gravity Falls fanart! I wanted to re-draw this
 heartwarming scene from Ford's last entry in Journal 3 ever since reading the book for the first time. What I loved about that entry (and Ford's parting words) is the closure it brought: the whole family finally together, gathered around the last campfire of this summer and simply having a good time, while getting rid of the last physical reminders of Bill - as if proclaiming the ultimate victory over their common enemy. I really wish we saw this in the finale but oh well, I'm still content with what we've got :)

And speaking of closure… Consider this my official 'farewell Gravity Falls' art since I never got the chance to make one after the finale. Also, this is probably my last full-on work for GF - I mean, i still love the show and think about it literally every day, but I'm not motivated enough to spend hours on fanart anymore. (Unless GF returns in some form in the future, which is also a possibility)

And lastly, I remembered that I first watched the show in September 2014, which means I've been a Faller for 2 years already! This is the longest time I've ever been in a fandom :D Those last two years would certainly be much duller for me had I not discovered this wonderful series and its amazing fanbase, so take this work as a big heartfelt thank you to the entire fandom as well :heart:

Pqxv tbfoa!

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