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My One Wish

I walked into the room, my face devoid of any emotion but my fear on a rampage inside my mind. Would he think I was taking advantage of her? Would he believe that I did not love her? Mr. Bennet stood as I entered and bowed slightly. I followed suit and waited for his interrogation. He stared at me before seating himself and speaking. "Good morning, Mr. Darcy." "Good morning, Mr. Bennet, sir." I have to admit that my voice sounded a bit shaky as I spoke. He motioned to a chair across from him, but I refused. "Thank you, sir, but I'll remain standing." "Very well," he nodded. "May I ask what brings you to see me this morning?" I inhaled a

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Milk and cookies:-))

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Charlie, I think we have been spotted!

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At The End Of The Summer

The clouds return to my undulated hair as the liquid skies falling from your eyes softly becoming the air that I breathe I see the sea waves in you and me The stars are our garments and shells its ornaments almost dark, the velveteen night embraces us, from the deep... in a green-blue light the golden glaze between consonants and vowels are in motion a reflection from the sun or an oceanic jewel an island kissed by the Atlantic  By *Kay-March (https://www.deviantart.com/kay-march) I hope you will like this beautiful poem and thank you to all my friends who will see and like my presentation. To me now is time for vacation and I will be absent for a while, so I

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