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Hello, There...

VERSION 2: [link]
The two WIP deviations for this picture: [link]

Yes! Finally done! This is my better picture for the same contest that I originally made my Behold the Darkness picture for. And I am so proud of it!!

Seriously!! This is my first time ever making an epic digital artwork with a background and shadows and trees! The trees the shadows the lighting her pose EVERYTHING OHMAGASH I love it soo much!!!!!! X3

Some of the shadows are very screwed up, but OH WELL I SAY.

Oh and some of the trees are kind of skewed and screwy. Well they have reason to be since they're outside of Soul-Swept Manor and the Four Seasons Courtyard! Random magical things and attacks usually accidentally leave the Manor and Courtyard, and usually end up doing weird things to the nearby soil and trees; Thus is the reason for Soul-Swept Manor and its Courtyard being quite aways away from normal civilization. They're outside of Twilight Town, the town where everything begins and ends in Spirit Guardians! Take that spoiler hint and remember it! >: D

No Kingdom Hearts inspirations here *shot*

The human girl is Oliver, and the creature is Villanova.

This picture isn't perfect but I am honestly tired of messing with it, so MEH.

Oliver, Villanova, Kristallnacht, and Spirit Guardians © ~MistPower101~RagnarockPower101
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I just realized how much she looks like me xD Brown hair,glasses lol
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Holy Gilbird, that means we look similar to eachother XD
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I LOVE how you drew the trees , the lighting on the is amazing!
The anatomy is also amazing!
You've improved so much <333
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Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear that! ^^
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What a beautiful art piece :love:
I love the coloring, and the girl's expression is nice looking.
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Thank you very much! And thanks for the fav!
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You're welcome!
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