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N5166 Malo Sveta - Stallion


Name: Malo Sveta
Nickname: Little Light
ID Number: N5166
Breed: Pure Padro
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 years
Color: pangare chestnut BATU (f)XUKE + feathering (roan carrier)
Geno: ee aa nR nP nft nBt fXuk minSpkSpk (failed)
Class: Rare
Rare Points: 57
Base +1
Roan +3
Pangare +4
Feathering +5
Batu +10
Failed Xuke +30
Speckling +1
Solid coat +3
Build: medium
Personality: Theoretical and perceptive. Consistent and effective. Athletic, successful, down-to-earth. The center of attention. Stubborn and self-confident. Rebellious but only when rules get in the way and devoted. Tends to be aloof.
Owner: MistMasquerade 
Mate: GHS' 5392 Spakso - Owner: zhalia-moon 
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but leans more towards Stallions.

Failed Notes:
 - Xuke appears only partially on the head
 - Affects the neck's topline slightly
 - Hind legs xuke goes further up along the hind legs
 - Xuke stripes appear on the head/neck with a more decorative look, besides the normal hind legs ones and affects the mane
 - Hooves and eyes are speckling colored (one of the two colors)
 - Speckling does not appear on the edge of the marking but normally instead.
 - Mane and tail are fully affected and display the speckling colors in gradients


Gen: Starter

------------------ SSS: Unknown
--------- SS: Unknown
------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------ SDS: Unknown
--------- SD: Unknown
------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------ DSS: Unknown
--------- DS: Unknown
------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------ DDS: Unknown
-------- DD: Unknown
------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Spots: 14
Twin Chances: 
1. zhalia-moon 
2. KaitlyNicole 
3. slayingallhumans 
4. ToxicFriu 
5. 20pp
6. 20pp
7. Mine
8. Mine
9. Mine
10. Mine
11. Mine
12. Mine
13. Mine
14. Mine


Original Design: N5166 Padro Random Import
Padro Points: 11
Starter +7
Old Ref N5166 Malo Sveta - Old Ref +2
This Ref +2

Ranking Tracker
1 star: Half Star 9/20  
2 star: Half Star No Star 9/30
3 star: Half Star No Star No Star 9/40 
4 star: Half Star No Star No Star No Star 9/50
5 star: Half Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 9/60
1 star reward: 
2 star reward:
3 star reward:
4 star reward:
5 star reward:

Quality Blood (******):
Perfect Blood (*******): 
Ultimate Blood (********): 
Superb Blood (*********): 
Marvelous Blood (**********): 
Excellent Blood (***********): 
Legendary Blood (************): 

Quality Blood (******) Reward:
Perfect Blood (*******) Reward:
Ultimate Blood (********) Reward:
Superb Blood (*********) Reward: 
Marvelous Blood (**********) Reward: 
Excellent Blood (***********) Reward: 
Legendary Blood (************) Reward: 

Art (c) slayingallhumans 
Design (c) 

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