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N5128 King Midas Returns - Stallion


Name: King Midas Returns
Nickname: King, Midas
ID Number: N5128
Breed: Pure Padro
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years
Color: silver sooty classic cream champagne dun blanket PANARK ZINKER + unnatural tail
Geno: EE aa nCr nD nCh nZ nSty nLp ntl nPnr ZiZi maxnSpk
Class: Rare
Rare Points: 57
EE aa +1
nCr +2
nD +3
nCh +5
nZ +2
nSty +4
nLp +3
ntl +5
Mane Stripes +2
Build: Medium
Personality: Midas does not understand cause and effect and constantly tends to fantasize about success. He is severely self-absorbed and expects special treatment wherever he goes and from whomever, he's with. He hates to live alone just as much as he dislikes being alone. Requires constant attention from those around him and has no sense of humor. He tends to be remorseless and cruel, more-so to those that displease him.
Class: Western
Owner: MistMasquerade 
Mate: N4832 Cotton Candy Supernova [Leroux Mare] - Owner: Plants-And-Tattoos 
Best Friend: N4304 RH Midas' Golden Touch - Owner: TheElvenJedi 


Gen: Starter

------------------ SSS: Unknown
--------- SS: Unknown
------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------ SDS: Unknown
--------- SD: Unknown
------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------ DSS: Unknown
--------- DS: Unknown
------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------ DDS: Unknown
-------- DD: Unknown
------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Spots: 14
Twin Chances: 
1. Mimi-McG 
2. casinuba 
3. zhalia-moon 
4. Plants-And-TattoosK2066 NGS Sabrian - Lupus Panark Mare
5. KaitlyNicole 
6. WildOracle
7. Queen-AnarchyN4531 AVE Puppeteer Priah
8. 15pp
9. 15pp
10. 15pp
11. Mine
12. Mine - N4832 Cotton Candy Supernova [Leroux Mare]
13. Mine - N4832 Cotton Candy Supernova [Leroux Mare]
14. Mine - ID N5117 | Makai

N4073 Padro Foal Design for Plants-And-Tattoos

Original Design:…
Padro Points: 15
Starter +7
This Ref +5
Chibi Ship - Candy and Midas +3

Ranking Tracker
1 star: Half Star 12/20  
2 star: Half Star No Star 12/30
3 star: Half Star No Star No Star 12/40 
4 star: Half Star No Star No Star No Star 12/50
5 star: Half Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 12/60
1 star reward: 
2 star reward:
3 star reward:
4 star reward:
5 star reward:

Art (c) MistMasquerade
Design (c) Mimi-McG 
Lineart (c) WeronkaK 

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© 2018 - 2021 MistMasquerade
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Oh my thank you so much for the slot to this precious golden bean! :heart:
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Oh my gosh. Thank you for the slot to this gorgeous boy! :heart: :hug:
MistMasquerade's avatar
You're welcome :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Ahh such a gorgeous boy!! Thanks so much for the slot!! <33
MistMasquerade's avatar
You're welcome :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
I should have some new babes up soon, so look out for slots! :D
MistMasquerade's avatar
you dun has to! ♥
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Can I please use my slot to this lovely gal? :  K2066 NGS Sabrian - Lupus Panark Mare by KimboKah
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Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Should hopefully have a new mare up in the next day or two and a another one up in the next week! c:
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