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COMMISSION: buffy + faith

By mistix
This was a commission for a friend. :) Buffy and Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I cannot for the life of me remember where I got the background texture from, but if it's yours, let me know and I'll put a credit here.
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Yes, they are beautiful, physically. Too bad the Brunette's a psychopath.
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Love the style
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Well the brunette is a bit of a partyier in my eyes, so, this is the sort of thing she'd do.
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Oh she is. Shame she's also a psychopath.
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Yeah, but with some help (such as the blonde's ex-boyfriend, who has also dealt with the same glitch (psychopathy), and whom she helps out with the same glitch at times) she does turn out to be a heroine in her own right!
I call psychopathy a personality glitch because it's basically a personality disorder of sorts.
There's a lot of "Faith kidnapps Buffy in order to care for her" that I have run across in fanfic realms stories.
Trust me: kidnapping someone to be kind to them will only set them into a rage- berserk!
I am also referencing the tale "Haunted" in the comics as to their bond of sisters- of a sort. But if they are: Faith's the one who's only interested in partying; but by season 7, she has truly blossomed in character!
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Oh my that Buffy looks like my character in my fanfictions, but its not Buffy, its Game of Thrones :P
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Wow this is great :D
Like the subtle likenesses!
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I love this piece because of the contrast. Buffy is dressed in pastel shades, very innocent, but has this wicked smirk on her face. Faith is dressed really provocatively, and yet her facial expression is that of innocence. It's perfect.
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love it. I always loved the Faith and Buffy story line. If you haven't watch Buffy you really should because Faith is the person that Buffy would be if she had no one and vica versa and they both hate each other for it. Worst of all they really need each other.
Nice! And now there are so many slayers...
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The Chosen Two, the Light and Dark, Yang and Ying. It was inevitable that they would be rivals and enemies; it was also inevitable that they would ultimately end up a sisters.
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That would actually be a beautiful bond between these two young ladies- a sorroral bond!
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This looks fantastic.
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Thank you very much!
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oh that is a gorgeous piece of artwork =3 definate fave ^___^
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Really great piece! Faved!
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