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Just forget the word "symmetry" and we won't have any problems. I swear, I have more problems drawing people; what looked fine (well, okay, serviceable) as a sketch somehow turns into an asymmetrical mess while I'm painting. I cheated in every way I could trying to fix things. In the ref photo (below) the face is ever so slightly turned, which neither my pencils or brushes seemed to comprehend...
Actually, forget I said anything about symmetry. Maybe I'm overreacting. In fact, I won't even mention the word "symmetry" and we'll see if anyone else notices...

Anyway, this is meant as a replacement for a Halloween painting from last week that didn't turn out so well. I actually uploaded it here, thinking it I'd dislike it less if I gave it some time. I gave it some time--about three hours--and started disliking it more, so I deleted it from here, my blog, my Etsy account, then hid from the internet for a day. But I had to finish something else dark (title notwithstanding) by Halloween, and goodness knows I need practice with people. At least I like this better than I liked that.

Apparently I like painting vampires. Asymmetrical vampires. Pale, asymmetrical vampires.

I do like how the shading turned out, though.

And I still have two days. I could squeeze in some other human portrait practice. Maybe a ghost. Which will probably turn into another asymmetrical vampire. Like magic.

I think I need to go to bed...

(References used: by :iconnikxstock: and by :iconanariel-stock:)

Watercolor, 10" x 13", 2013.

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Gorgeous artwork :+fav:
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I love how perfect your work is. Can I ask you for any tips and tricks for doing watercolors? 
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Oh my gosh, it's far from perfect, but thank you! I'm not sure what kind of tips or tricks you're looking for, but the best general advice I can offer is PAINT A LOT WITH WATERCOLORS (it's my own advice to myself everyday, since I still feel I have a long way to go). Try different techniques. Practice practice practice. Stare at other watercolorists' paintings. Join the watercolorists group here on dA (…; I've found a LOT of inspiring stuff here, and I think I've just scratched the surface.

If there's anything more specific you think I might be able to answer for you, please don't hesitate to ask.
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So, the link I posted didn't work for some reason:
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Well, actually I've always the same issue with drawing people faces... Though I think your lady is pretty here!! :meow:
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i think it's beautiful :heart:
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Oh gosh thank you! The longer I stare at it the more crooked it becomes...then again, the same thing happens when I look in a mirror too long...
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no problem:) hehe yeah.. that happens ;p cause you notice everything you did wrong, but from a new perspective from another person they notice all the good parts :) 
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