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Moon Enchantress Commission

By mistillteinn
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This is so soft and beautiful. I love it!

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Soft, warm and graceful but oh so powerful.

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Congratulations with the well-deserved DD) Awesome artwork)💖

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nice boobs and sword uwu the forms are beautiful

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Superlative work - this most definitely has a wonderful High Fantasy/Chivalric Romance feel that I absolutely Love!

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Princess Yue's got a sword!

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Amazing and stunning work.

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You did a great job. She looks enticingly mysterious and seductively beautiful. :) <3

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Absolutely beautiful work! :clap: !!! Congrats on your DD!

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Wow, It's Just Amazing.

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Beautiful and enchanting. :heart: She has a delightful ethereal quality to her. She could be the Lady of the Lake's sister or an entirely new enchantress. The sword she's holding is amazing. :wow: A blade of evil's bane, to instill hope in the hands of its wielder as they fight to keep the light of hope alive. Exceptional work. The detailing and the lighting is perfection. Her gown is gorgeous and the forest around her is astonishing. A true work of art. :clap: :w00t:

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Riddle me this.

What is the one thing in his possession that Arthur recognises as of equal value to Excalibur?

KnightOfValor22's avatar

I would say it's his lady, Queen Guinevere. And if not her then Camelot, in some mythology the ideals of his fabled kingdom were most dear to Arthur. Though getting back to Gwen, what is a king and his kingdom and it's ideals without his queen supporting him?

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Those are very good answers. Indeed, would say those things are worth even more than Excalibur, being priceless. But what is the one thing of exact equal value?

A hint: It is a trick question - and the Lady of the Lake implies it.

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mystically beautiful

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"I am the Lady of the Lake."

"Then why are you here?"

"I don't stay there ALL the time."

Makes sense. Bravo, love. Excellent work.

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So much love and passion in your artwork... sooo beautiful <3

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aww thank you so so much ♥ i'm glad you like it!

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thabnk you very much <3

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