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Ciao, Thanks for watching my page. ^^

We live under a gas chamber……

What is geoengineering?


I am:
#------------------ >>>
Nationality: I am a free human being living on this planet which I call Gaia. Nationality as patriotism are a mental disease where many people are trapped in. Beware I am not saying you don't have to love your land.

Current residence: I have not roots, therefore I do not live always in the same place. Residence and addresses are prisons where most of humanity spend their life (or existence) believing they are free. Or even worst, they spend their life encclosed in a fabric or an office for eight hours per day, six days per week.

My spoken languages: After I had a visit in britain, I figured out that my english was very poor an also discovered that I love languages. Since then I have taught english to myself and improved a lot. I am planning to learn other languages. My native language is the one spoken in the italic peninsula.

What I do and love:
I listen to my consciousness.
I appreciate some good humour, laughing is important.
I enjoy to practise sport and martial arts.
Also I have fun creating stuff for the free and open source, strategic game Wesnoth.
I love to travel, discover new places and meet new people.
I love nature and animals therefore I preserve and respect them.
Hiking in the wilderness is one of my greatest wish.
My heart belongs to the land of Alba.
I listen to meditative, tantra, healing, relaxing music.
Celtic music also heals my soul:

River of tears
Fear no darkness

What I do not like or do:
I do not watch tv since many years and rarely watched it in the past. It is a tool to control the masses opinions, reality perception, and desires (commercials)

Curious stuff:
When I walk in a park sometimes I get lost and can't find a way out.

My believes:
I am a free thinker. What people think of me? I do not care!
Time is an illusion, everything happens in the same moment.
I am fascinated with the buddha and gnostic teachings, they are like a boat to cross a river, and then when I reach the other shore I abandon the boat.
I do not follow any religion, they divide people.

Minority of One by uki--uki

I wish for a world where there is no war, nor greed, nor governments, nor military, nor violence, nor prisons, nor suffering, nor hungry, nor races, nor religions, nor boundaries, nor surveillance, nor geo-engineering, nor GMO, nor pesticedes, nor pollution.
A world where everyone is free, happy and lives in the full respect of nature and all creatures.

Love :heart:


“Ci sarà un giorno in cui gli uccelli cadranno dal cielo, gli animali che popolano i boschi moriranno, il mare diventerà nero e i fiumi scorreranno avvelenati. Quel giorno, uomini di ogni razza si uniranno come Guerrieri dell’Arcobaleno per lottare contro la distruzione della Terra”. Profezia Hopi.

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[ Warning ]
Please look the sky, chemical trails are poisoning the air we breath, the water we drink and the land we cultivate.
Per favore guarda il cielo, scie chimiche stanno avvelenando l'aria che respiriamo, l'acqua che beviamo e la terra che coltiviamo.

Per gli Italiani che non guardano il cielo da più di 10 anni

Per gli Italiani che preferiscono credere alla tv piuttosto che ai propri occhi

Chemical vs Natural clouds!

This video is short and important for you all. Please check it.

Natural cures and truth about cancer

GMO truth

A general view of the global system

# # # { Consciousness, Knowledge, Sovereignty, Truth, Freedom, Peace, Love } # # #

Unite by uki--uki Organize by uki--uki Love your Enemy by Quadraro

Here I wrote a small brief of the important things you have to know:

Avoid compounds of fluorine at any cost.
It is a toxic waste.
It is in some water tap in countries where it is not banned.
In almost all tooth past and mouthwash.
And in other stuff. Get informed

Do not get flu shots (vaccines), before they were made autism (for example) never existed, in fact vaccines are made by pharmaceutical companies that need "customers" to carry their business $ therefore they need to keep people weak and sick.

Do not eat GMO. Collateral effects:
Note: this is just a short brief list.
Reproductive problems (infertility to both men and women)
Immune System problems
Accelerated aging
Organ damage
Gastrointestinal distress
Dysfunctional regulation of cholesterol and insulin
Food allergies and Anaphylaxis
Irreversible genetical modifications to humans, animals and plants
Autism and other genetic damages even hereditary
Cancer and Tumor growth

Eat healthy, possibly always organic food, because pesticides are harmful to the body, in fact, because of that, neonicotinoids pesticides have been banned in EU. Moreover, pesticides and herbicides etc. deprive the food of many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are the most important for preventing and curing disease.

Learn how to cultivate your own organic food, and also how to keep bees.
If you, like me, have no ground to cultivate then you can go woofing.
Exit the system, become self-sustainable, free and independent as it should be.

Learn the truth about aids. They created the fake story of the virus from nowhere!
aids has nothing to do with HIV and being positive to the test of HIV does not means nothing! HIV test is based on a completely different test! It does not tells you anything! It is not true that aids is transmitted trough sex, it has nothing to do with HIV positivity.
Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome happens when you are exposed to chemicals or radiations or even some other cases such as drugs etc.
It does not mean you have to die. You can cure yourself with a healthy organic vegetable diet, an active and sporty life and being happy is effective.
There are also documentaries, many witnesses, facts and scientific proof that tells you the truth. Search for them.

Also, it is important to learn about bank frauds, corrupted governments (they are private corporations!), false flag, martial law and eurogendforce, papal bulls, geoengineering, H.A.A.R.P and climate manipulation etc.

Get informed and spread the truth.

Oh and by the way, be aware that media, such as tv, are washing brain machines, full of subliminal messages and generally a huge source of disinformation.

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Organize by uki--uki
We are free and sovereign human being, divine souls of light in flesh and blood.
Everyone is equal, free to live and be happy.
There is no hierarchy nor race nor patents nor governments nor property.
It is impossible to own things, lands, sea or other creatures.
We can only preserve nature and protect animals.

Stay unite, be conscious and spread the love.

- me 1 feb 2014
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"Men and women who know the brutal reality of war, who know that war strips people of their very humanity, must unite in a new global partnership for peace." - Daisaku Ikeda
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