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So, last Monday, I was following my fairly typical routine - I'd been out getting some things for my mom, picked up some lunch while I was out, and after returning home decided to go downstairs to my computer room to eat and play some games.

In order to do this I have to go down a set of steps I'd been down at least once (probably more frequently) a day, every day, for over 15 years.  I've fallen up and down those stairs, including tumbles all the way from the top to the concrete floor at the bottom.  Never once have I managed to hurt myself in the process.

Apparently I was due!

This time I slipped, fell a measely 3 steps to the landing (halfway down) and broke both bones on my lower right leg.  In the interim I've been in and out of the hospital and had surgery, including having a 13" titanium rod inserted into my right leg. <@_@>;  Yes I am a cyborg-squirrel now.

At any rate though - I'm recovering - I have access to a laptop and the internet now so my presence online should begin to return to something resembling normalcy.  I'm not sure about art in this state - more because of the lack of a suitable work environment that can accommodate my bum leg than anything else (but if I can swing it I plan to do at least some art while injured too).

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know what's up.

Current projected looks to be 6 weeks to weight bearing, 6 months to full recovery.  That said I'll know better after my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks.
Hello everyone! <^_^>

I'm quite excited to announce a new series of drawings I'm going to be working on in the near future; a series of pieces depicting my MMORPG avatar of choice and personal mascot, Yumi, in costumes from several of the major MMOs she's visited since her inception.

Basically this is a way for me to do three things at once:

1)  Practice my art - particularly my full-body drawing abilities.  If you've spent any time at all in my gallery, you've probably noticed that most of my pictures only show the head and shoulders.  Clearly this needs to be addressed; and there's no better way to do that than to draw a whole bunch.

2)  Revisit long-forgotten worlds with the character I played in them.  Some of the games I'll be revisiting aren't even in operation anymore - and those that are quite often have very tiny user-bases and receive minimal effort in the way of updates these days.  Essentially it's a way to bid adieu to games gone by while enjoying the memories I made along the way.

3)  Show the progression of Yumi, aforementioned avatar and mascot, as she's evolved over the years and through different games.  Eventually the finale* will be a piece showing her off purely on her own, outside of any game, fully a character in her own right.

Basically:  I'm hoping to have a lot of fun and learn some things in the process.

Now, before I post the inks for the first piece, I want to add some notes here; so nobody gets confused, because I guarantee there will be confusion if I don't say this now.

First and foremost - Yumi is a catgirl.  I've always envisioned her that way; and so no matter what game's equipment she may be showing off at the moment, that's who the underlying person is always going to be.  Sadly, very very few games allow me to actually play her as such, so in the description of each picture I will likely note what race she was in-game.

Secondly - While I intend very much to stick with equipment and costume pieces I actually used... the fact is I need references for this stuff, and in the case of smaller/more obscure or very old games, those may not be widely available.  Essentially:  I may have to fudge a few things here and there, though I intend to keep that to a minimum for obvious reasons.  In fact, I'm very much hoping I can keep that fudging only to the very first piece, which being based off of Dark Age of Camelot, meant digging through lots of ancient screenshots to try to find adequate pictures, and even then I couldn't find what I wanted in some cases.  That said, fair warning that while I will try to be authentic to the games in question, it's by no means guaranteed it'll be a 100% perfect match every time.

Finally - I am not going to cover *every* game I've created her in;  that would take forever and a lot of the games I've played very briefly weren't worth it.  I'm specifically covering only the games I either invested substantial personal time in or had an exceptionally cool outfit for her to wear.


I am not a great artist.  I'm not even good.  I am however going to push my meager abilities to their utter limit on this, so hopefully anyone who cares to look will enjoy what they see.  I will do my best!

Backgrounds may or may not be done for each piece.  Ideally, I'd do them for all of them; however a good background can be a tremendous amount of work, and the first piece has taken me roughly 3 days to hammer out from sketch to completed inks.  Note that that doesn't include colors or shades yet.  My hope is that as I work at this, I'll improve not only in terms of skill, but also in terms of speed.  The faster I can make things happen, the greater likelihood of backgrounds appearing.  Basically this is a big "we'll see" about anything more complex than a very very simple background.


Anyway, sorry for that lengthy ramble, but I wanted to get it out of the way here on my journal rather than in each and every pic as I upload them.  I'll include a link in each picture as it goes up.

Note:  I will probably put up black and white unshaded inks before I put up a finished full color piece - and once the finished piece goes up, the inks will likely be put into scraps.  So check back in a few days if you see a black and white you find promising!

*Well, for now - my hoped for is that as I visit new MMORPGs in the future, to always do a picture of her at some point while I'm playing it.  Just for kicks.
May this year be good for all.
Today has been top to bottom utterly horrible.  I won't go into detail on most of it; but there is one thing that affects DA:

My comp crashed today.  I had to run a full reset on it.  That means I lost *everything*.  All my writing, all my art, everything.  Now, there's two things that keep me from freaking out about that:

1)  My art is not yet at a level where it's all that great.  So losing it is more <-.-> Than "OMG MY LIFE'S WORK!" at this point.  I'm sad to see it go just the same.  Likewise, most of said art is up here on DA anyway, so while I won't have the originals to work with anymore, it's not like I was going to mess with most of them again anytime soon anyway.

2) I haven't written seriously in over a year.  I plan to change that soon; but since it's been so long since I wrote seriously, all my work is backed up.  So hooray for that!  (If I'd only done that for my art... Oh well, can't dwell on it.)


What this means in the short term is that if I was working on a request for you - my progress is gone, I have to start all over. *sigh* That may be for the best, I wasn't getting anywhere fast before.

Also if you game with me... well... yeah it's going to be a bit as I have to reinstall Steam and most of my games.  So there's that.  Blergh.

May this never happen again.
So as is often the case with me, I was on a roll... and then got wiped out by a massive wave of depression.

That said, said wave seems to have mostly passed, so here we are again - I'm going to try to get productive.  I'm also officially giving up on promising anything - not because I don't want to, but because it's pretty obvious at this point that I simply cannot make promises work.

So, going forward, any comics, pictures, stories, etc... it's all under an official umbrella of "When I can."

Ideally I'll push "When I can" to "Quite often"; but again, no promises.
As of yesterday, I have successfully worked on the Joy Buzzer comic for 2 full months without getting behind.  In fact, if my count is correct, we're 1 update ahead of where we ought to be at this point <^_^>  Considering how I often struggle to get things done consistently, this makes me very happy.

With any luck at all, the comic should be done by the end of next month; then I'm going to turn my attention toward The Story With  No Name once more - hopefully with renewed vigor and commitment.  The goal being to get it out once a week, as originally intended.  I've proved to myself that I'm capable of doing it, so now it's just a question of willpower and hard work.

I'd ask you to wish me luck, but this time I'm going to try to rely entirely on my own abilities < ._.> luck be damned!
I've spent roughly half of today attempting to draw a picture for the Champions Online anniversary art contest...

And I'm failing.  Miserably.  Repeatedly.  My lines are awful today, my anatomy is worse (and it's not good on a good day) - Eugh.

Pissing me off.

Just needed to vent a bit <x.x>  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have better luck - for tonight I think I'm going to give up and do some gaming.
City of Heroes is officially dead.

I don't know what to say really - I'm angry, confused, sad - immensely sad - even though it's not my primary game anymore I still had immense amounts of time invested, and a large number of friends still playing.  This was not a 'dying' game or in any way on life support - it was growing, constantly being added to...

I don't understand this decision, I frankly hate this decision; and I am sorry for all the developers and players who are now finding themselves without a 'home'.  This isn't right.

I realize this may seem a bit much for the cancellation of a game - but it's a game I invested over 3000 hours of my life into; a game where I met some of my best online friends, got back into art, and even is the reason I'm on DA at all.

So yeah, long story short I am incredibly bummed by this news.
So I won't be getting the fanart up today as intended.  Tomorrow for certain, but today has had unexpected challenges and there just hasn't been time.
Blergh.  I am in a pretty nasty slum at the moment.  I'm pretty much entirely devoid of inspiration or interest in anything.  I even bought Spore in an effort to give myself some alternate creative outlet, and even that's not doing it.

However; I've taken enough breaks lately <o.<> So instead I'm going to knuckle down - no inspiration? No problem!  So for the next few days I'm going to be doing something I never do...

Fan art!

I don't know who or from what I'll be drawing just yet <o.o> But it's better than doing nothing.

So yeah, with luck I'll have a sketch or simple painting up each day for the next oh... let's do something simple and say 3 days?  I've already got one in the works. < . .>  With luck I'll get some enthusiasm back and then hit the comic hard again.
Got sick the past few days, which put a serious damper on the art work.  So unfortunate Page 8 is (probably not surprisingly) not done yet.

However the sketching is complete, the first panel is almost entirely complete, and it's also the most complex out of the entire page, so I expect it to be done no later than Wednesday.  Two day delay for two days of sickness, I think that's reasonable. >.>

Also I'll note:  The black and white really IS forcing me to up my game on my lineart.  I'm not saying "this is my best ever" - frankly there's a LOT of flaws being exposed by the lack of color; but that's good because now I  don't have an excuse to ignore them.  So basically I'm saying - expect the next few pages to be a little wonky, but then stabilization after that. A t least that's my estimate.
So today I deleted my old DA account.  Simply put:  A combination of too many bad memories and too much art that had become slightly embarrassing to me.  Ultimately that's all I'm going to say on the subject - in burying that account I hope to also bury some unfortunate memories of a time when I was perhaps not as careful with who I trusted as I ought to have been.

So that out of the way, this is now my only DA page.

There's also some changes coming, starting  Monday, May 14th:

1)  The Story With No Name is coming back, with a caveat:  Going forward it will be in black and white.*

Why?  - Simply put, trying to put out a comic I don't get paid for on a regular basis that required:

Writing, storyboarding, pencils, inks, colors, shades and lettering - all done by me - was just too much.  I know some folks are able to hack it (and maybe someday I'll be able to as well), but for now, colors needed to drop so the story can continue.  

There's an upside to this though:  This is going to *force* me to work harder on my pencils and inks - areas I've long struggled with - because my colors will no longer be able to make up for weak principle art.  Ultimately I'm pretty optimistic about the move and I'm hoping to have Page 7 up no later than Sunday so I can have Pg 8 - the first B&W page up by Monday.  Will it happen? I don't know!  We'll find out eh?

2)  Joy Buzzer's Origin comic is still in production for the Champions Online forum:  But I'm going to be crystal clear here, it's a long way from done yet.  The point is I'm canning the weekly updates - I just can't work at the level that's necessary to make those worth reading. I'm not quitting on the comic, it's just going to be awhile before it's done.

Note that this comic will be in color, 14 pages long and with any luck, some of my best work to date.

3)  As I've probably let slip a couple times, I'm working on a novel - Knights of the Air.  I'll be posting more concept art for that as I get it done.  Why do concept art for a novel?  Because I'm a very visual person - I've learned as I write that I need to 'see' an object to describe it.  This means that if anyone's interested in dieselpunk airships, planes and tanks, they'll have something possibly interesting to look at soon.  >.> Well soon-ish, I can't promise how often concept art will come up, it'll just get done as it gets done.


Will it all work as planned? I have no idea <^_^> I'm hopeful though.  I think with the past behind me there's a better chance of my doing something useful going forward at any rate.  With luck, I'll have something worth showing on Monday.

*With the exception of Page 7, which is nearly finished in color.
So after much attempting to press forward on my art, it's just not working of late.  I think I need a more substantial break than the week I tried to take off last time.  I'm going for a whole month.

I'm also specifically not restricting myself from doing work - I'm just not going to force myself.  So for the duration, no more weekly updates.  May 1st I'll catch up on everything I've done in the interim, and then resume the weekly updates from there < . .>

My hope is this will restore some of the creative juices and let me relax a bit mentally - I get too worked up over what's just a goofy project I'm only going to likely share with the folks on DA and the CO forums.
Was busy so nothing really got accomplished.
Pages Written: 14 of 14
Pages Sketched: 12 and 1/8th of 14
Pages Inked: 11 and of 14
Pages colored: 2 1/3 of 14

Not a lot to tell this week.  Was pretty down but I did manage to get page 11 inked, and a little color done on page 3.

Still unhappy with the Story With No Name page I'm working on.  I want to put it up ASAP but I'm just not at all pleased.  Will have to keep fiddling with it.
Pages Written: 14 of 14
Pages Sketched: 12 and 1/8th of 14
Pages Inked: 10 and 1/3rd of 14
Pages colored: 2 of 14

Well, I got some stuff done this week, but not as much as I'd like.  I finally finished coloring Page 2 of the comic (yay!), and I'm aiming to just do coloring for awhile to catch that up - so with luck maybe page 3 will be colored next week too.

The Story With No Name page is not ready yet - I got the first two panels done, but I'm not happy with the 2nd panel yet, and the 3rd and 4th are not at all done <x.x> so it may be a week yet before they're done.  Still, I'll keep at it.  I really want to get the comic going again while not abandoning my other stuff.

So yeah, lots of stuff worked on , just not as much progress as I'd like.
Pages Written: 14 of 14
Pages Sketched: 12 and 1/8th of 14
Pages Inked: 10 and 1/5th of 14
Pages colored: 1 and 2/3 of 14

Inked a page and a little more < ._.>b didn't do too much sketching but eh, I don't feel too bad.  Stuff is getting  done, that's what matters.

So, we still have about 2 pages left to sketch, 4 to ink, and 12 to color  < . .> Still a long way to go, but I'd almost say we're at the halfway mark here, maybe further by a bit.

Also, next Saturday will mark the return of The Story With No Name.  I'm still not going to have an update schedule,  but I'm far enough along on this page that I'm certain I'll be done with it this week.

Last but far from least:

I've been reading a book by Cherie Priest called Boneshaker.  So far?  It's awesome.  I won't say it's the best book ever or anything, but I'm enjoying it a great deal, much like I did Dreadnought (also by Cherie Priest).  When I finish this I'll probably be grabbing anything else she's done < ._.>b
Nothing really worth mentioning got done on the comic this week.  Instead I focused on getting the 7th page of The Story With No Name Done.  It's still not finished sadly, still have about 2/3s of a page of coloring to do.  Still, it's coming out alright and should be done within the next week.  I also spent some time doing some painting to relax, that piece aught to be done in the next few days barring boredom or difficulties.

Other than that, not a lot to say really < . .> Not going to put the counts up since they haven't changed since last week.  Hoping to get more done this week but I admit,  this project has been long, and there's still so much to do, it's hard to keep going.
< . .> it's once more that time of week!

Pages Written: 14 of 14
Pages Sketched: 12 of 14
Pages Inked: 9 of 14
Pages colored: 1 and 2/3 of 14

So, I'm happy to announce I got a little more than a whole page sketched this week - I'm a tiny bit into page 13 now.  I also inked some, getting a start on Page 10 there.

I'm also trying to figure out how to use Inkscape with my tablet - I think it would look nicer/be a bit faster to ink that way.  That's going to take a lot more experimenting though before I'm really comfortable with it/have it tablet-functional.

Overall, a solid week's work.  Soon enough we'll be down to just the polishing work - which isn't so much difficult as it is tedious.

Oh I also sketched the last of Page 7 of The Story With No Name, so that page may (and only may) make it out sooner rather than later.  Hooray and stuff!
After a week off I'm back at it!  

Pages Written: 14 of 14
Pages Sketched: 11 of 14
Pages Inked: 8 2/3 of 14
Pages colored: 1 and 2/3 of 14

That's where we stand at the moment:  Half a page sketched for the week (it was a big page though).

However that's not all the art I did for the week!  I also sketched 4/5ths of a page of The Story With No Name* and did a picture of Sabre Dance, one of my Champions Online characters. < ._.> All told I think I did pretty good this week.  Now I'm pretty tired; but hopefully I can get a little more done today too.

*I told you it was just a hiatus <^.~>b  It's coming back as soon as I finish this project up.   Maybe even sooner.