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Yumi 2012 WIP by mistformsquirrel Yumi 2012 WIP by mistformsquirrel
Took a break from the comic in progress to do something for the hell of it. Drew my character, Yumi*, for the first time in a good while.

This is only half finished, it still needs at a dead minimum, inks, a few more highlights, and probably some darker shadows as well.

Overall I'm surprisingly pleased with it. It's not perfect, but I feel like I got her shoulders down relatively well, and while the head is a twinge big, it's where I feel I could almost call it a stylistic decision rather than just failing art forever.**

I decided to put the WIP up rather than waiting since I don't know if I'm actually going to finish this anytime soon (if ever), and well... I've done a ton of work over the last several months, but I haven't put any of it up here since it's all comic stuff. So I wanted to show a little of what I've learned.

*Formerly Yumii - I recently decided to drop the second i when I can since well, it doesn't actually make sense. The only reason it was ever there was since I play a lot of MMOs and she's usually my main, I ended up needing the 2nd I quite often to have the name. Now that she's moving more into the realm of being a real character all on her own... well yeah, no need to burden her with videogame vagaries.

**Which isn't to say I couldn't do a lot better yet. What makes me happy here is that, I feel, for once my work is decent. Not professional, not awesome, but... decent. Usually I'm... unhappy with what I put out at all, so to be reasonably happy is progress I think.
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