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The Story With No Name Pg. 1 by mistformsquirrel The Story With No Name Pg. 1 by mistformsquirrel
Page 1 of The Story With No Name.*

You'll need to zoom in to read the text!

Forward, to page 2 --->

*edit* That weird line thing isn't showing up in my file; it doesn't appear to be anything I can fix. Strange. If I can figure out how to get rid of it I will.

*edit 2* I've altered the text bubbles to make them more readable. I tried to get rid of that line, but as I said before, it's not in the file itself, it's some weird interaction with DA's upload system. (Extra weirdness bonus points: I uploaded Page 2 in this slot as a test... no line. But when I uploaded the new version of Page 1 again? Line was back. What. The. Fark.)

I'll keep thinking about how to get rid of that line. If you've got ideas, let me know.

*Working title, subject to change.
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Richardiovascular Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
Oh Snap! You're paneling dood?!!

Still have yet to get that part of the craft down.

Good stuff Squirrel bud.


mistformsquirrel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
Yeah, I launched my (very very slow to update) practice webcomic in May I think it was... I'm getting maybe 2 pages a month, if that <~_~> but I'm hoping to speed it up soon.

I've found paneling *much* easier now that I've been using my tablet though; since I can just abuse the square tool most of the time. That said I I want to try some oddball hand-drawn ones eventually, but that's down the line a ways. (I've always liked those panels that look like a chunk of page has been ripped out and the panel is somehow in the rip. >.>)
Murasaki99 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Excellent first page! I really like their expressions. :love:

Up the size of your dialog font... it'll help your readers a lot. :nod:
mistformsquirrel Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Yeah, Page 2 should be a LOT more readable - I had no idea what I was doing with dialogue balloons on page 1 <x,x> but I came across a nice tutorial about making em in GIMP; and if it works to my satisfaction I'll go back and use it on this page too. (Hopefully re-uploading it will kill that weird line across the page too. >.<)
DKeith2011 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011
Good start misty.
mistformsquirrel Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011
Thanks man <^_^>b Hoping to have installment 2 ready by next Wednesday; though like I said in the journal for today; I'm not technically keeping a schedule. Really excited about this project though >.<b
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