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Snow - WIP by mistformsquirrel Snow - WIP by mistformsquirrel
My current Shadowrun character.  Someone in my FFXIV Free Company gave me some art tips and I've started putting them into practice.  I feel like they made an impressive impact!  Still a lot of work to do on my part but... hey, progress eh?

Snow is my albino Mystic Adept.  Her mentor spirit is Dragonslayer, in the guise of Thor, and until very recently was basically a freelance Para-critter exterminator in the sprawl near Malmo in Denmark.  (Friend is running the game, he's Danish so... why not, it's a cool setting I've never seen used before.)

In play her personality is basically... well... Daria from the series of the same name.  A lot of deadpan sarcasm and snark, especially directed at our Technomancer/Decker (I'm not sure which tbh...) who is uh... 'colorful'.  We'll say colorful.

It's a fun game.  But ultimately the point here is... ART IS HAPPENING PEOPLE.   It's slow... grindingly slow... but it is happening.  And I am excited.
Domochevsky Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah right, the illustrous illustrations... good good. Things are happening. :)
(...and serve as a reminder that I should get back to sketching things regularly for practice purposes. But easier said than done, I suppose.)

I don't think I've seen a Shadowrun campaign play in denmark before. What's even the state of the ingame world there?
mistformsquirrel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
So far we're still getting a feel for it - but here's my (very loose) take:

We're in Copenhagen-Malmo, which is (if I understand right), Copenhagen and Malmo (In Sweden) having basically fused by urban sprawl.  The local governments are a bit stronger than in the former US, but it's still mostly the corps running things.

My party just pulled off a faux-terrorist job blowing up an amusement park (we did it in a way to minimize casualties*), primarily so another company could get the security contract for the amusement park as the previous company was aligned with human-supremacists.  Not the most fun job, but I love the characters we have going.

My character is from a sprawl near Aarhaus (I'm probably butchering that spelling.) She's an albino who hears the voice of Thor speaking to her, pushing her to defend the innocent and do great deeds - not to mention granting her her mystic adept abilities (so both magic and adept stuff).

The scene in the picture is basically from when she found her sword, an ancient viking blade imbued with magic (weapon focus), the lightning is from the battle she's about to have with a powerful water spirit.  (Long story short:  Water spirits are allied with Jormungdr, and they are highly displeased with a servant of Thor being In Their Space taking back a relic of Thor's from a previous age)

*I didn't want to take the job, but we had enough people who wanted to that we did it anyway, and my character's loyalty to her friends is pretty much ironclad.
Domochevsky Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mh, nordic mythology... it still works. (The names are pretty cool, too.) :D
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