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Maaki the Wolf by mistformsquirrel Maaki the Wolf by mistformsquirrel
So as a break from the webcomic-in-progress, I did a portrait of one of my Champions Online characters. As may be evident, she's a wolfgirl; >.> I haven't written out her story just yet, I just have a vague personality for her so far.

Best explanation I could give would be "San from Princess Mononoke, but slightly less likely to try to murder your face."

All told, very enjoyable to play so far. I'm level 22, and really hoping to take her all the way to 40 between now and CO's Free-to-Play launch.


As for the artwork itself - I've been really trying to push myself further with each picture. I really tried to go all out with the hair on her head, and the fur she wears around her shoulders. It's imperfect, but I think I'm on to something at least!

This one did take awhile to do, but I feel it was worth it all told. Still, I do have some mistakes to iron out. I'm also really needing to break out of this... I guess I'd call it a 'portrait rut'. I notice I have a really hard time drawing anything that isn't head-and-shoulders; and well, that's not going to fly long-term. So hopefully next pic I do will be focused on getting beyond that limitation.

I also need to do some backgrounds, these basic ones are kinda.. bleh. Still, I has a proud over this.
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November 24, 2010
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