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KOTA:  Volksreich Destroyer by mistformsquirrel KOTA:  Volksreich Destroyer by mistformsquirrel
The first piece of concept art for my Knights of the Air webcomic. This was done very quickly - both in terms of pencil and color; so there's a fair few mistakes and the whole thing is a little 'wobbly' due to the lack of ink lines.

That said, the goal was for this to be more about getting a basic ship design for one of the factions out there, rather than making it perfect.

This particular airship belongs to the Volksreich - they are a rough analogue of Germany during WWII. I'd love to talk more about them; but I think it's best I not explain them here, as that's what the comic will be for.

(Show, don't tell and all that jazz, right?)

I also don't have a good symbol for them yet. I want to avoid using Nazi symbols, as while they are Germanic in design, they really aren't all that closely related ideologically to the Nazis; beyond some equipment usage. I'll have to go digging through history or come up with something all my own.


Design-wise, there's a couple influences on this one - the first and probably largest is the anime "Last Exile"; which has some really fantastic airship designs of it's own. I really liked the lack of external balloons; and decided to go with it for at least some of my own craft.

Secondly - the Imperial ships in Battlefleet Gothic (the Warhammer 40k space battle spinoff) - The basic prow design in particular just felt 'right' for this ship; and I'll probably give most Volksreicher ships similar treatment.
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