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KOTA: Elwynn Concept Art by mistformsquirrel KOTA: Elwynn Concept Art by mistformsquirrel
This is a piece of concept art for my webcomic in-the-making, Knights of the Air; specifically Elwynn, the captain of the airship HMS Sif.

There's a lot I'd love to say about her; but unfortunately for story reasons it's best I say nothing <,< I would however like to talk about the art itself a bit.

Namely: I'm really, really pleased with this piece. It was a rather quick sketch I did one night to get the ball rolling on my KOTA art, and I was immediately happy with how the sketch turned out. When I decided to start uploading concept art after coloring it, this was an obvious choice to revisit. Unlike the previous pic of the destroyer, I left a lot of sketch lines in this one. I feel it fit the 'painted' style I used here a little better to have it be... well to be blunt a bit messy.

All told, for the speed I did this in (~2 hours coloring, ~20 minutes redarkening the line, maybe an hour on the initial sketch; so 3h 20m totalish) - I'm just beyond happy with it. It's a LONG way from perfect; there's a lot of mistakes - but somehow I'm OK with that in this picture.

I'm not which concept sketch will be up next - but I may try to do all of them going forward in this style; it didn't take me much longer than painting the destroyer in flats did; and there's a LOT more depth.
Ogdibus Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
I like this one, even though the form is a little bit wonky, all the important stuff comes through. I'm able to imagine what the person that I am looking at might be like.
mistformsquirrel Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
That makes me happy to hear, because she's going to be a major character in the novel I'm writing <^_^> I hope I can do her justice.
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