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City of Heroes: Skrapt - The Hermit (2006) by mistformsquirrel City of Heroes: Skrapt - The Hermit (2006) by mistformsquirrel
This picture is positively ancient; which is why in a lot of ways it isn't up to my present day standards; though I will say it fares better than I expected given it's age.   It's from at least 2006, and was done with a regular old drawing pencil before being colored by mouse on the PC.

As to precisely what's going on here - this is one of my old City of Heroes characters, Skrapt, probably one of my favorite to come out of that game.  She was once a top-of-the-line battle android created to defend Paragon City from superpowered threats; but she was rushed into combat due to budget cutbacks and summarily destroyed by Dr. Vahzilok.   Being 'just' a machine, her parts were simply left on the Paragon City dump to rot.

What nobody anticipated was that during the Dark Astoria event, the massive amounts of negative energy used to raise thousands of corpses as undead also affected the 'corpse' of a certain sentient* robot.  Because the spell was intended to work on dead organic things, she was brought back with free will.


This particular picture was done for a CoH art jam where everyone designed tarot cards based on their characters.  I got "The Hermit" which was perfect for Skrapt,  as due to her rather junky appearance and the reactions it causes in people, she tends to simply avoid human contact as much as possible.

*Her designers were completely unaware she'd become intelligent, so it's not like they discarded someone intentionally.
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