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Champions Online Sig WIP by mistformsquirrel Champions Online Sig WIP by mistformsquirrel
Not sure if this will show up properly or not, it's a very wide image, not very tall.

At any rate, this is a signature I've worked on on and off for awhile for the Champions Online forums. Ultimately I'm not sure I'll ever finish it; the line art bugs me at this stage since I've improved a lot since I started it... still I'm fairly happy with where it's at even. Mainly it just needs a highlight layer, so maybe I'll do it some time when I've got nothing else to do and feel like doing some highlighting.

The characters are, in order:

Thunder Valkyrie - Long story short: Girl who's parents fled to the US from Myanmar. In college her dorm was badly damaged during a super-powered brawl nearby, and a super hero saved her - this inspired her to join the Army after college as a way of giving back to the community.

She was badly injured and honorably discharged... then later called back for a test on an experimental exoskeletan that could allow paraplegic and even quadraplegic people to move again. Eventually the frame was upgraded and modified for her to carry armor and weapons so she can do the super heroine thing herself.

Yumii (CO Incarnation) - Can't explain or it'll spoil the comic. (The CO concept inspired the whole comic, hilariously enough; even though at the comic has absolutely nothing to do with CO.)

Kikyoku - An actress who always wanted to play the Evil Overlord type roles, but was never taken seriously since, as a 5'3" tall catgirl she isn't exactly what you'd call 'imposing'.

She was captured by DEMON* - who attempted to sacrifice her to their masters... except they botched the ritual something fierce and all the power the cultists were supposed to gain went into Kiki.**

End result: Kiki finally realized her dream of Evil Overlorddom. Except being as she's actually a pretty nice person, she went the superhero route, which leaves villains very, very confused when she gives her (not-so) villainous monologue.

Needless to say she's quite the ham.

*This is not an all-caps typo, the group is always named in all caps. I don't know if it's an acronym or not as I'm not totally up on Champions lore; I just play the MMO.

**Over time I've thought about the precise nature of this power, and eventually decided it's a sort of magical Reality Warper type power. While not nearly on the scale of some near-godlike warpers, Kiki can pretty much summon any (reasonably sized) object she wants, create fire with a thought, and mimic all kinds of crazy magical effects.
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August 13, 2011
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