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Noir Crew / Claire, Ada, Leon

By MistFighter
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posted closeups on twitter @/everglaid_ uwu

Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy and the Resident Evil franchise are a copyright of Capcom.
Ada "Coat" model provided by xZombieAlix
Claire "Noir" model provided by Oo-FiL-oO
Leon "Noir" model provided by Oo-FiL-oO
All weapon models provided by Sticklove
Rendered in Blender Cycles 2.79
Skin fixes in GIMP 2.0.
Rendered with 2000 samples @ 2.5x 1080p, about 6 hours + rerenders for faces @ 3000 samples
Image size
4450x2700px 8.34 MB
© 2019 - 2020 MistFighter
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ManuMIAS Digital Artist

Claire looks way better with those heels, too bad her outfits were too butch.

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Leo have a great boxy ass!!
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I still find Claire high-heels in this costume to be simply idiotic (was she wearing those on the motorbike?). I still love this piece.
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A fitting tribute to the genre of noir. While it is not my favorite genre to watch in movies or play for myself in video games, I would be completely foolish to deny the impeccable and clean cut fashion choice that made it so popular. I am more into cyber punk for example. Despite a zombie outbreak affecting an entire city,there is no reason to slack off in one's choice of clothing. It also saves money on the burial process as a bonus looking at it from a cynical point of view. Leon Kennedy with his blonde hair and attire reminds me of a young Commissioner James Gordon on the TV show Gotham played by actor Ben McKenzie. Probably purely coincidental, but I would not be utterly shocked if there are a couple of fans of that specific TV show on the development team.

Claire Redfield for her part could pass herself off as a legitimate mobster. With those leather gloves on,it seems she has performed a few hits. Ada Wong is a detective. As a cop,Leon has the knowledge to help hide their crimes.  Together the three of them will watch each other's back and ensure the coppers are none the wiser on their numerous crimes. Fantastic job you did here. I am delighted to see more Ada Wong, Leon Kenendy, and Claire Redfield trio renders coming out on a constant basis thanks in large part to the Resident Evil 2 Remake.
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Love it!
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JacobsEmporiumHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been playing it recently and absolutly love it, despite always hating horror games thus far 😅
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TheLadyFrostHobbyist Writer
::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::
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FuranitiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Wahh, nicely done!!
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Starluscious General Artist
Cool, very real looking. Nice job :clap:
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BeakTVArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing :)
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