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Ibuki tickling Elena

I started talking to this guy on here via notes ever since I got the Street Fighter tribute book a few weeks back. We thought it'd be cute to see these two playful characters "fight" each other in a much less violent way!
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I remember this pic XD Lol that's what she gets for having ticklish armpits =p
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I was gonna do a revenge pic but never got around to it! I will eventually though... I want to do a few tickle pics actually!
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Oooo, well if you do I suggest a mermaid tickle pic ;p suggesting only XD
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Hehe if you have suggestions, give me like a month or so to settle down (just moved to FL) and I will start drawing stuff again. Heh I'm guessing it's a fetish for you too? =P
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Yes it is dude, yes it is XD
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Heh I'm not very out and about with it yet so I still have to draw in secret >.> which is going to be harder now since I moved in with my friend XD but I do plan on doing some new tickle pics... and plan on attending Fetish Con 2012 next summer!
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I can't attend fetish cons XD Aww lucky you =p Let me know how it goes XD
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Aww why not? Underage?
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IF the victum falls i'll stands under with ropes and tie her in a X and Continue >:)
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Haha I should make more of this tickle picture with Elena getting revenge ;-)
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that's an interesting idea.m
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whoa 1st time seeing this. It is pretty cute and I do like that kind of tickling. light with no bondage and in a predicament like this.

The colors and everything looks so nice.
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Thank you! =) Sorry for the really late response!
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Cutest Picture I've seen of those two barefooted girls (Ibuki is my fave)! ^^

Very well done there mate! ;)
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Thanks, I love using Ibuki almost as much as Ken. I wonder if they will bring her back in the upcoming sequel.
Very nice tickle art :D
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Thanks, there's going to be at least 2 more so stick around!
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Really cute! Great job!
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it is cute, and i really love the soft filter you put over the whole thing. that background is pretty sick too, interesting methoc to make the clouds monocrhome. it makes them blend well, doesn't look too "heavy" against your style.
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Yeah I didn't want too much going on in the back to take away from this little "fight" here. The guy I did this for asked for another one like this so I just might put out a couple more of these tickle fight pictures.
Great pic!
nice background and amazing poses
Keep up the great work
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Thank you! I hope you come back for another tickle fight :-)
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