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Vocaloid - DEX by Novaraii Vocaloid - DEX :iconnovaraii:Novaraii 34 2
OPEN:July Raffle
Hey everyone, 
I finally have a weekend off coming up, so I thought I would do a raffle!
Rule Time
♡ be a watcher
♡ Include the phrase "all dat sugar" in your comment, so I know you read the rules!
♡ Favorite the journal (this is how you get your number) ♡
♡ Include a ref of the character you would like drawn
Winner gets a Bubble Chibi

Raffle ends:
07/20/18 at midnightttttt
:iconmoemocha:MoeMocha 23 21
Spicy by desire-drive Spicy :icondesire-drive:desire-drive 32 6
UPDATE: There are still 55 SLOTS available for this chorus!
I'm back in the UTAU community after about a 4 year on/off hiatus! And in order to get back into the swing of things, I'm deciding to try and open up with a chorus!
The original Chorus can be viewed here:
My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley EXTEND
The chorus itself has TONS of parts (including duets!) and I'm hoping to work with UTAUloids I've encountered before and ones that are completely new to me! Newcomers/Seasoned UTAUloids are welcome and so are UTAUloids that are either CV or VCV since I've worked with both types before! I can also use CV-VC if needed! C:
PLEASE NOTE! You're allowed to submit up to THREE UTAUloids for this chorus since it might take a while for all the parts to be allocated! So if you wanna take part in this, all you have to do is fill in t
:iconhonisaro:Honisaro 17 59
Haruno Sora by GlitchWifi Haruno Sora :iconglitchwifi:GlitchWifi 32 1 Kanna by K-lag Kanna :iconk-lag:K-lag 12 0 -MMD- Warmth by your touch by RAIN-P -MMD- Warmth by your touch :iconrain-p:RAIN-P 12 4 V5 by lazysoffy V5 :iconlazysoffy:lazysoffy 16 3 Let Me Grieve by TsaoShin Let Me Grieve :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,016 106 VOCALOID5 AMY + CHRIS by Roselias VOCALOID5 AMY + CHRIS :iconroselias:Roselias 20 3 Happy Birthday Luo Tianyi by MiyukiAya202 Happy Birthday Luo Tianyi :iconmiyukiaya202:MiyukiAya202 18 2 Soul Contract: Yang Jinghua by rossomimi Soul Contract: Yang Jinghua :iconrossomimi:rossomimi 48 3 Yang Jinghua Valentine's day by NanakoBlaze Yang Jinghua Valentine's day :iconnanakoblaze:NanakoBlaze 55 2 Soul Contract by Witchchick37 Soul Contract :iconwitchchick37:Witchchick37 6 0 Soul Contract: Duanmu Xi by rossomimi Soul Contract: Duanmu Xi :iconrossomimi:rossomimi 63 5 Tianyi-Altaria by SatansPancreas Tianyi-Altaria :iconsatanspancreas:SatansPancreas 5 0

Newest Deviations

Infatuation - Bones (original song) by MisteryEevee Infatuation - Bones (original song) :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 3 0 VOCALOID - Haruno Sora Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Haruno Sora Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 3 0 VOCALOID - Ken Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Ken Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 1 0 VOCALOID - Kaori Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Kaori Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 1 0 VOCALOID - Chris Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Chris Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 1 1 VOCALOID - Amy Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Amy Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 4 0
Kazuki and Jason Season 3: Chapter 5 - Reasoning
    Despite visiting the village many times before, Jason had never really gotten used to how the homes were structured. While plenty of the area was filled with huts of various sizes. There were a handful of more extravagant homes within the gigantic trees. These were reserved for the nagas who were higher in rank and when he first visited this part of the village, Jason expected the insides of the trees to resemble that of how a fairy's or pixie's home would look like in the childrens' books he read as a child.
    Since Kazuki and Jason wedded, they were given their own tree. Through the Kahale Merfolks’ ability to grant wishes due to past favors, the interior of their tree was designed to resemble the couple’s apartment from the human world as a wedding gift. This way, neither of them were too terribly homesick.
    As soon as they entered their home, Kazuki slithered into their bedroom to find clothes before changing into his human form. H
:iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 0 0
Kazuki and Jason Season 3: Chapter 4 - No Choice
    Hours passed since Leilani took the young Aidan from Jason. While they were away, he busied himself with the village chores and Mei left him to do her own. The villagers always told him that it wasn’t necessary for him to join them, but they gave in to his insistence. It was what he felt was the right thing to do in terms of repaying their hospitality.
    As the sun was setting, Jason was gathering his belongings when a familiar and charming voice greeted him from behind, “There you are! I’ve been seeking you!”
    He turned around, facing the bright smile and beautiful emerald eyes belonging to his love. Kazuki’s black and blue tail shined vibrantly in the sunlight.
    “I’ve been seeking you?” Jason repeated, raising an eyebrow in amusement.
    “Rather, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
    “You still sound like a dork sometimes,” Jason
:iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 0 0
Mature content
Story of Lyle Miles: Chapter 3 - Abandoned :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 0 0
Mature content
Story of Lyle Miles: Chapter 2 - Sacrifice :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 0 0
Mature content
Story of Lyle Miles: Chapter 1 - Grief :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 0 0
RIP=RELEASE - Xiao Meihua Cover by MisteryEevee RIP=RELEASE - Xiao Meihua Cover :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 4 0 Cheng Se: Xiao Meihua Cover by MisteryEevee Cheng Se: Xiao Meihua Cover :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 5 0 Night of Rain and Stars: Xiao Meihua Cover by MisteryEevee Night of Rain and Stars: Xiao Meihua Cover :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 4 0 VOCALOID - Mirai Komachi Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Mirai Komachi Stamp :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 8 2 VOCALOID - Yuecheng by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Yuecheng :iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 5 1



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Pretty Pink Requests Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid See my journal for more details!
My own personal waitlist on commissions.
:::Com.MiruruLove::: by angelsanime0 Raupy Caterpie x Trixie Joltik Stamp by MisteryEevee
slytherin stamp by Cat-Noir Slytherin Stamp by smileystamps Slytherin Stamp by TigerBun Horned Serpent Stamp - Ilvermorny by fieldsofdaisies Horned Serpent (Ilvermorny) Stamp by K-Zlovetch team instinct stamp by DestinysGrace team instinct stamp by DestinysGrace Team Instinct stamp by pulsebomb Team Instinct - Pokemon Go! by TehAngelsCry UTAU - Mei Hua Stamp by MisteryEevee
Eevee by CreepyJellyfish Vaporeon by CreepyJellyfish Jolteon by CreepyJellyfish Flareon by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Umbreon by CreepyJellyfish Leafeon by CreepyJellyfish Glaceon by CreepyJellyfish Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish

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My love for Chinese VOCALOIDs will never die!
VOCALOID - Luo Tianyi Stamp by MisteryEevee Yan He Stamp 1 by skill-hunter VOCALOID - Xin Hua V4 Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Yuezheng Ling Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Yuezheng Longya Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Zhiyu Moke Stamp by MisteryEevee

VOCALOID - Zhang Chuchu Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Yuecheng Stamp by MisteryEevee

And then there's just Haiyi-
Haiyi Stamp by MisteryEevee

Also, rest in Peace, my beautiful...
Vocaloid Stamp - Zhanyin Lorra Type. Frozen by FakeTsuki Zhanyin Lorra Stamp by Maggy-Neworld

YouTube: NebulousViper

MapleStory Characters and Servers
Please contact me before trying to buddy me.

UTAU page dolls!
Xiao Meihua (MisteryEevee):

Ser0 (Purpled):

JD (Trainspud):

Xiao Shancha:
Commission 386 by Oukaryuin

Yu Junjie:

kEna (Preuss-and-Friends):


Mixing them up!
Commission 3 by Oukaryuin Commission 326 by Oukaryuin

CM:Xiao-Meihua by MoeMocha Ser0 Icon by sparkling-otter JD Icon by sparkling-otter Xiao Shancha Icon by sparkling-otter kEna Icon by sparkling-otter

Xiao Meihua Chat by sparkling-otter

Looking for LipSync models?
[UTAU] Xiao Meihua LipSync Model by PRISMOID

Otomen: Boys with cute tastes!
Otomen - Asuka Stamp by MisteryEevee Otomen - Ryo Stamp by MisteryEevee Otomen - Juta Stamp by MisteryEevee Otomen - Hajime Stamp by MisteryEevee Otomen - Yamato Stamp by MisteryEevee Otomen - Kitora Stamp by MisteryEevee

What if there was something out there that puts the human race in its place?
Parasyte Stamp by Silver-Lemonade Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu - Stamp by Kheila-S Parasyte by oOAli-monOo Parasyte Stamp by Phreja Parasyte The Maxim Stamp by DarkTortureX Kiseijuu I by UsagiGami Kiseijuu II by UsagiGami Parasyte - Stamp by Paolachief117 Parasyte - The Maxim :: Stamp :: by LYSlTHEA

My voice synth family!
fukase stamp by YaoiHunterHime Vocaloid Stamp - Dex by FakeTsuki VOCALOID - Yuezheng Longya Stamp by MisteryEevee -VOCALOID3- Avanna Stamp by DarkTortureX VOCALOID - Macne Nana V4 English Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Xin Hua V4 Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Luo Tianyi Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Natural Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 Rock Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Xin Hua Japanese Stamp by MisteryEevee Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Stamp by glitchydeer VOCALOID - Luo Tianyi Japanese Stamp by MisteryEevee VOCALOID - Yuezheng Ling Stamp by MisteryEevee Alter/Ego - Bones Stamp by MisteryEevee Alter/Ego - Marie Ork Stamp by MisteryEevee
Redoing this from August 2011. Originally featured Mistery Eevee, Robert, and Fang. Interestingly, I still have these OCs, so... Anyways, I'll stick with Robert again, but pick two other ones. I was thinking of doing the entire Leonov family til I realized some of these questions are not for kid OCs, so!!!!! Anyone 18+ ha ha ha jfc-

Choose 3 of your OCs. They can be from anything. Original stories, fanfic OCs, whatever. It doesn't matter. None of this matters.

1. Robert Leonov
2. Kenji Takahashi
3. Sergio Ignus

1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the hell each other is?
Robert: Yes, hello! I'm Robert Leonov. I'm one of three children and I'm the eldest. I have no idea who these other two are.
Kenji: Likewise, I have no idea who these two are either. Right. Hello. I'm Kenji Takahashi. Pleased to meet you.
Sergio: Right... Sergio Ignus at your service!

2) Great, great. So. Ever gotten a blowjob?
Robert: Excuse me? That's an extremely straightforward and personal question? Besides, who would have time for that in a zombie apocalypse?!
Kenji: .... I don't know what that is. Judging from Robert's reaction though, it seems inappropriate? However, it sounds familiar...
Sergio: It's none of your business, thanks.

3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?
Robert: It was! >: ( Just... *sigh* What do I like to do when people aren't looking huh? That is... a good question. I guess hum to myself? It's really distracting so I try not to do it often.
Kenji: ... I don't think I'm allowed to answer this. Doing so would not end well for you at all.
Sergio: Sniff flowers. No shame in that. None.

4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?
Robert: Must it be my shame? If anything, I'm ashamed that my brother seems to really take a liking to that... Ryan Trace boy. Ryan is not a good influence and honestly, if I try to intervene, Travis would just become upset about it. So I'm ashamed of failing my family...
Kenji: If I indulge, it wouldn't be a secret, yes? Hm... would being considered a "traitor" by my own kind count?
Sergio: Not spending enough time with Yejun and Soonhee... not being able to catch up with them. Now Yejun doesn't even remember me...

5) Got any ultra-quirky kinks?
Robert: ......................... I don't even want to answer this.
Kenji: What's a kink?
Sergio: Er....

6) Within the last month, how many people have you done questionable acts with?
Robert: Again, who has time for that?
Kenji: What is considered questionable in your opinion? Killing? If it's killing then, it's just me... and my own kind... but I don't do that with them. In fact, I kill THEM.
Sergio: Eh heh... depends on the scenario.

7) Do you love me? I love you.
Robert: I don't really know you?
Kenji: I do not.
Sergio: .... is this possible? This ship? I mean, I guess if you're the main playable character-

8) Are you hurt because I lied in that last question?
Robert: No. Because I don't care.
Kenji: Not at all.
Sergio: I'm more or less relieved-

9) If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
Robert: Anyone who threatens my family! .... which if you count the infected, I've already done it.
Kenji: Anyone who threatens me and my....... study partner. And yes, I already do "get away with it", as you put it.
Sergio: Are our answers really going to be the same? That's really... *sigh* people who threaten my friends. And yeah... I also did that already. Still do.

10) What is the one things that sets you off so much that you'll go from docile to rabid squirrel monkey in 12 seconds?
Robert: Disgusting survivors who do nothing but threaten other survivors too.
Kenji: You mean... weapons? My head is a bit squishy, so anything that gives me away... well... they'd be dead in less than 12 seconds-
Sergio: Ohhhhh..... I don't know.... does anything actually do that for me? Probably if something bad happens to Yejun-

11) Who the hell are you people? Why are you in my house? Are you even people? Get outta my stuff!
Robert: I promise you, I'm not one of the infected and I'm not one of those ridiculous prickish survivors coming in to ruin you. I just need a temporary place to rest... or if you don't want me to do that, I just need to cut through please.
Kenji: I mean no harm and I did not mean to trespass. I am lost. Would you mind helping me? Don't try anything funny now or else.
Sergio: Oh, I'm sorry! It's just that... we kinda need this. One of our own is sick. I swear I'll pay you back! Oh, by the way, there's a raid outside your house, so we're dealing with that now. Stay safe okay?

12) Does rain filter down through your handsome volcano rocks to create a wild mineral water that's tasty for the ladies?
Robert: ............................................................................... you need a hobby. Seriously.
Kenji: ........................ I don't get it.
Sergio: Ohhhhh okay, that's enough from you-

13) I'm going off track a little. Um. How many people have seen you bare-ass nekkid?
Robert: Aside from family when we were younger kids??? Er... ugh, 2. They were ACCIDENTS though.
Kenji: 1. As far as I know anyways. Who knows if Kenji has seen anyone naked before I ate his brain-
Sergio: UMMM...... 10? You never know with my comrades ha ha ha-

14) How lovely. Have you ever wanted to smoke crack? Are you a crackhead?
Robert: No?
Kenji: Crack would make my head cave in and ruin everything, so no thank you.
Sergio: ......................... do we have that stuff in our world? What IS that?

15) Are you wondering how many more of these questions you must endure?
Robert: Yes..... this is dull.
Kenji: I suppose this is what it feels like to be annoyed...
Sergio: I have better things to do...

16) What's the strangest thing you've ever licked?
Robert: Pipes. Not on purpose either. Got cornered.
Kenji: ....... would flesh count? I didn't say what kind-
Sergio: Someone's axe. It was a dare okay-

17) How many people have you confided in about your contamination with SuperAIDS?
Robert: Don't spread false rumors like that!
Kenji: As far as I know, I don't have AIDS. I would never have picked someone with health issues to begin with. That's suicide for my kind.
Sergio: What the heck is that-

18) There is no question 18.
Robert: O...kay?
Kenji: Is that even possible?
Sergio: Pft....

19) Have you ever considered a fetish?
Robert: F-Fetish?! Why would I???
Kenji: What do you mean by that? I suppose at one point, I wanted to know what a fetish is, so that was the only time I "considered" it, but to have one? I don't believe I have one.
Sergio: Um.......... okay, you got me. I have a thing for people with hair covering their eyes sometimes- But do you really have to use a word like "fetish" though?

20) This mindless torture is over. Does this make you shit your pants in glee?
Robert: I can't possibly take you seriously.
Kenji: Can one "shit their pants" in glee? That's an odd thought...
Sergio: No. Thank gods it's over though.
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*slurps on a stamp and sticks it on my massive wall on DA*

also why. we don't lick stamps anymore nowadays lmao-
A friend of mine pointed out that I'm appreciated in the JAE UTAU PROJECT for administrative/management. That really means a lot. ;w;

Tbh I just thought I was being a bossy prick sometimes lmao. I never thought of myself as a manager or main admin. : o I guess that makes up for me not making music or covers eh? ^^;

(RIP all my VOCALOIDs that I like... never use despite wanting to/promising to but I'm just never motivated lmao)
I'm crying. I can't believe Crusher-P drew my UTAU out of nowhere and I'm like, a ball of emotions right now! This was so unexpected and I'm so speechless! It's truly beautiful!…
I'm having bad urges to roleplay but mmmm

I don't roleplay anymore tbh lol




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