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 The Church of Star Wars has recently declared that the Extended Universe is no longer canon ! Like a religious edict, it means that everything that was not part of the movies (comics, novels, games) is no longer deemed to have "happened" and with it Tungo Li, the character based on my face dies !!

  Thériault as Tungo Li

It's true, i'm not making this up...In 2006, Michel Lacombe was the great artist behind the Star Wars Rebellion comic and was asked to create the visuals for a new character that was to be the chief of the spy network of the Rebels. A few photos and my face was used to create him.

  Tungo Li knows everything....  
I get to say that Luke Skywalker is just an "emotionally imbalanced farmhand" and get away with it.
But sadly, I won't be called to play my role in Star Wars VII....

P.S. I'm still open for commissions. See the previous entry for details.

Star Wars Rebellion, written by Rob Williams and drawn by Michel Lacombe with help by myself on background and photos (camera and model !) .
Drew47AT Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
*Sigh* I hate what they did to Star Wars, too. It just sickens me and I want to put a stop to it. You can too by joining the Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe:…. Here, we are dedicated to fighting Lucasfilm and Disney’s decision to decanonize the Expanded Universe and have them countermand it ASAP. So what do you say? If you want to join, then gather your friends and ask them to join up. We need as many people as we can to make it possible, so please don’t delay in your answer!
mistertheriault Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional Artist
My Star Wars background design is here:…
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