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Wonder Woman vs Cheeta by mistertheriaultThis piece that I uploaded to my gallery yesterday is an example of the type of commissions that I can do. Creating artwork of different type has been my livelihood for many years, and I've decided to open a different area with Deviantart.
I've worked in animation as a background designer, a character designer; in comic book as a penciller, an inker and even as a colorist; as a schoolbook illustrator, etc. Deviantart is a special crowd with a different type of interrest. So, i'll be happy to see what this bring me, what's asked of me. I'm open to anything -but- i'm not gonna draw in someone else's style -and- I will not draw from photography of your friends or wife.

That's about it.
Ask for my prices at

Thanks guys !
These days, I work as a designer on an animation show, Walter and Tandoori. This is what it looks like:…
Hello !

Check me out at stand 161 at the Montreal Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, Quebec, Canada-- I'll be there signing my solo and my collective books: Veena et les Spectre du Temps and Frankenstein Réassemblé. Stand 161 is the stand of Planete BD, representing my publisher 400 Coups.

I may have a new color print to sell. It's a little thing I just finished with Gogo Yubari, that Kill Bill iconic character.
Too bad I can't post a picture in the post, or i'd show you.

Maybe here:…
I'm now on Google+.
If you want to add me, I think if you click this…
It will work. otherwise i'm under the Eric Theriault name.
I don't think i'll be writing much here. I already have a blog here:
I'll post the news about my work there and there will be more than just illustrations related stuff. I'll put links to comic work, news about book launch, etc...

So, to recap:

My blog:

My commercial portfolio:…

My webcomic, Veena:
The facebook page related to the webcomic:…

About me / bio:…

Email me: