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Gilgamesh is the central character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the greatest surviving work of early Mesopotamian literature.
He is a sort of Hercules.
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Hey! The Horns are suppose to be of Lapis Lazuli! And where is Enkidu? And his chain? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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It very nice, maybe just a little to simian, but otherwise petty good I'll look for Nisun and the others when they come out.

Would you ever be interested in doing the scorpion creatures?
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I don't know everything about this mythology...
What scorpion creatures ?
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Okay, I did the research now. yes, visually interesting. Maybe, eventually.
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Great stuff :D a really nice rendition of Gilgamesh slaying the Bull of Heaven, its nice to find people willing to bring to life images conjured up in one's imagination by reading the Epic. Another guy who's done cartoons of the chars from the Epic sent me here, I'm really pleased to find some other fans of Mesopotamian myth :D makes me wanna do some of my own, if I could draw from imagination xD
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