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Growing Pains - And Pleasures
While looking through a small toy store,
I gushed over everything I saw.
Board games, toy guns, magic kits,
Figurines with their bobs and bits.
Puzzles, yo-yos, rollerskates,
Sports gear to play with all your mates.
Matchbox cars, a brand new bike,
So much for boys that age to like!
Lego, Play-Dough, Meccano,
Sony, Sega, Nintendo.
Marvel, Hot Wheels, Mattel, Nerf,
God only knows how much it's worth.
I'd take them all, but wonder though,
Why did I grow up, those years ago?
I wonder when it was that I,
Did wave my childhood goodbye?
I miss those years, upon reflection,
Of Looney Tunes and Cartoon Connection.
Pretending I'm a Ninja Turtle
(But only either red or purple!)
Giggling as Sooty and Sweep,
Scare Mathew as he tries to sleep.
And clap while Noni, and Scrap the Dog,
Sing of a peculiar little frog.
Fruit Loop breakfast, hot dog lunch,
And if you're good, donuts for brunch.
When fast food was a special treat,
And playtime worked off what you'd eat.
But it's not so easy, staying slim,
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A Tale of Greed and Geekery
A Tale of Greed and Geekery
Pizza stains and Cheeto fingers
The stench of sweat and laundry lingers
The geeky teen
Forsakes hygiene
For Halo 3, Team Slayer.
The devoted geek forever fights
To locate Blue within his sights
“I’ll pwn u noob!”
“Stop camping dude!”
“lol owned!” replied the player.
At night he’d stay online till three
Grinding through his RPG
But tonight he’d play
Well into day
To ensure he’d make the Allied pay.
“For the Horde!” his war would wage
With level 80 Blood Elf Mage
He’d proudly brag
“Hey suck less, fag!”
Until his game began to lag.
With broadband capped, snacks wearing thin
With no deathmatch or war to win
The geek would dare
To venture where
Few gamers go… outside their lair.
The teen slowly unlocked the door
To cross barefoot the freezing floor
On chairs he’d stand
To reach his hand
Up to shelved food; snacks boxed and canned.
Reaching shelves in darkened room
His greed would
:iconmisterslick:MisterSlick 10 3
The Little Wooden Box
A little girl plays on a swing in her parents’ backyard.
The little girl swings forward, staring into the clouds as she stretches her legs and points them high in the air toward them. She imagines flying as she closes her eyes; sailing through the white clouds in a blue sky. Before she can sail too far, the swing safely whisks her back to the backyard, where her mother hangs some clothing on the clothesline not too far away.
She can hear her father calling for her, as he walks outside. Between her brief journeys into the sky, she can see her father carrying something in his hands. The little girl gently slows down to return back to Earth, and slides off the swing carefully to see her father.
“I have something for you…” her father whispers.
The little girl’s eyes light up in excitement, as her father reveals what he is holding.
Her father holds out a little wooden box, and the little girl looks at the box curiously.
“Your grandmother wanted you to have this
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Perils of an Anime Convention
You’re a schoolgirl dressed in a very revealing costume.
That’s probably illegal. Take your pass.
You’re a grown man looking for schoolgirls dressed in very revealing costumes.
That should be illegal. Take your pass.
You’re a grown man dating a schoolgirl dressed in a very revealing costume.
I’d say that’s illegal. Take your pass.
You’re a grown man dressed in a very revealing schoolgirl costume.
There is no God.  
Just take your pass.
No, I do not want to trade pokemon with you.
Get away from me.
No, I do not want to be ‘owned’, in Smash Brothers.
Get away from me.
No, I do not want to join your live action roleplay group.
Get away from me.
No. I do not care how good your Charizard is.
I do not want to trade pokemon with you.
Just get away from me.
The fangirls decided to introduce me to “Yaoi”.
It might just be the bright lights, but… I swear, my eyes are burning.
The fanboys decided to introduce me to “Hentai
:iconmisterslick:MisterSlick 71 28
Unchanging season
Fatigue falls upon me like the gentle caress of light rain, the calm before the storm;
Soon the storm will pour down upon me and soak me from head to toe, and I will be weighed down with its dreary burden.
Every day, the same. Downfall awaiting me as I awake and make ready to walk my path once more;
And me with no umbrella.
Temporary glimpses into the future, revealed to the tune of rubber against glass as I await the changing of lights;
I stare blankly into this future, and see no more, no less.
Metal machines travel in unison, dancing awkwardly to the directions of seemingly endless lights, alike I;
All to the grand finale of a 9am deadline.
A flurry of suits and skirts glide by my eye through the distorted view of an unstained wine glass;
the flow halted only to occasionally seek the soothing sensation found only in a liquid of escape.
Idle chit-chat a temporary fill between wine and dine;
But only until lunch break is over.
Fatigue falls upon me like the indifferent deluge of heavy
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'The Rose'
Within my own mind a battle rages on. A battle to which the concepts of good and evil have long since diminished, and the ideals of victory and defeat are no longer attainable. For years I have struggled to resolve the conflicts that exist within my own head, the conflicts that cause me to question my reason for living. Pain. Evil. Misery. All these are simply perils of the human mind. Therefore, I blame human thought for the cause of my sorrow. After all, how can one's thoughts be resolved, if one's thought is the cause of conflict? Thus I am stuck in a continual loophole, which will no doubt be the cause of my downfall. If only I were born without the ability to think; were born a mindless being who carries out its ultimate purpose: to exist, and no more. What other reason should we be placed on Earth but to do so? The meaning of life is not complex, it is simply the human race that refuses to accept its purpose. How could humanity be so foolish? How could I?
He walks the streets
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