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+100 sex motions DL

By MisterOrzo
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or here

That's right, I'm giving away a ton of the motion data I made over time. A few things to know before using this

-the motions start being numbered at 51 because everything I made prior was just garbage
-Fitting the motions on a guy may prove difficult because I've changed the guy model over time (i.e. different penis)
try this one:…

-Some of these motions are very short (GIF) and some of these are very long (1 minute videos) so, there's a inconsistency on the length of each motions.
-some motions rely on specific bones/morphs on the character, for example, some paizuri motions may not work

And lastly, have fun?

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© 2018 - 2020 MisterOrzo
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How do you get the male's "features" to show? The ShadowModels don't have them...

MisterOrzo's avatar

strange, not sure what that's about, try to make his unit visible manually, it should be within the "Other" morph tab

SkullSmasher71's avatar

I'm new with the MMD program, so would you please give me the directions? I have version 9.32.

MisterOrzo's avatar

I'm using 9.31.

The Other Tab should be located in the bottom right corner, right below the Eye Morph section

SkullSmasher71's avatar

This is what my setup looks like... IDK why the the layouts different, but I ain't got what you have on yours, RIP me...

MikuMikuDance 8 12 2020 8 50 22 PM
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you have to load up a model first

SkullSmasher71's avatar

God damn I'm more blind than a bat with its eyes removed. It was under "Facial Manipulation"!

And thank you for the help, it means a lot! :)

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Also, would it be alright for you to link the models used with the appropriate motions? If so, that would save me days worth of searching!

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MarKreationsHobbyist Filmographer

Hey so,, lots of these have the characters say things. Are there any audio files that you used to dub them with/. If so, could you share lol?

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The voices I used, prior to hiring VAs for my videos, were made from recycled audio I found in various "films" on certains hubs online.

Even then, no, I won't give them out because I deleted them a long time ago

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MarKreationsHobbyist Filmographer

I'd love it if redubs were made

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yo thats so awesome. what's the license for this? cc by or cc0 or maybe a completely different license?

MisterOrzo's avatar

License? What are you talking about? You don't need any special licensing to use motion data for MMD

Noahela's avatar

i mean your license. since they are made by you

MisterOrzo's avatar

I don't have a license, I'm pretty sure that's not even a thing

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TomIsAPokemonStudent Digital Artist

are there previews?

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Sorry, there aren't any previews. Considering the amount of motions, that'd also be a long process for me to put together

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UuuNyaaNew DeviantFeatured

FYI: I made preview videos. (just the motions of a guy and a girl playing together)

No. 51-94

No. 95-160

And thanks for sharing MisterOrzo!

MisterOrzo's avatar

oh shoot, thanks for the preview video

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dl'd ty ty

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heldrexStudent Filmographer
What about sounds
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Thank you very much. This is true art!
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ZombieDoggie98Hobbyist Artist
What's the password?
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