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Practicing my beginner modeling skills creating an object from a photograph. I may elongate the front of the box, because it does look a bit short.
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The curved support bar looks a little too wide. Scaling it in a little bit along the x-axis should fix that quite easily. Not sure if you're working with a poly limit, but if you aren't, the cross-beam needs some beveled edges. Proportionally speaking, the 2nd box from the bottom looks a little short. It seems a bit taller in the photo.

That said, excellent job for starters. It's very difficult to model something without orthographic views. Props to you!
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Yeah, it was a challenge and it was maybe an hour or work or something.
The teacher racked me for ALL those points!

Except the beveling. In the game art program, we bevel only where absolutely necessary to save polys (though for this there were no ACTUAL limits)

You give good feedback, thanks!
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No problem. I'm a beginner 3D artist too, but I used to work in film, so I notice things that some people don't. My specialty was lighting, so that's where I can give the best feedback. :)
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Yeah I get a material and lighting course in a few months. Hopefully after that I'll start showing some really good lighting effects

My teacher actually requires ALL images to be taken from the viewport without lighting, so we don't use it at all
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No reason you can't work ahead on the side. ;)
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Man do I ever wish I had the time to do my own extra work.
Recently started a job working shifts starting at 3 am.

Work>School>Homework>Sleep all day every day. Terrible.

I have a three week break, hopefully I'll get some good work done in that time!
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wow- what did you do this in?
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Dude I am so embarrassed that it's been like three years and I only just now saw your comment on this... How horrible...
This was 3ds Max, but now I use Maya
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