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Final Ravager Tank

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The final, mapped version of my first 3d model.
Don't be jerks about it, it's literally the first thing I've ever done. If you have constructive feedback, that's cool, but only if you can explain to me how to do what you're suggesting.

If it's just "Oh the mapping on the exhaust looks bad" or "You need more geometry in the front" or something, thank you I'm acutely aware. If you can tell me how to fix that, though, by all means please let me know
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Amazing first model! My first efforts didn't look nearly as good. If you don't mind some observations, the texture on the tailpipe looks stretched. Might need to UV unwrap that part again.

Not sure if you've covered lighting in your classes yet, but this looks very bright and a little flat. I'd recommend starting with a strong backlight to highlight the silhouette. Then incorporate the key light from the opposite side of the camera (so if the camera is on the right facing left, have the light on the left facing right. Not literally on the other side of the model from the camera! That'd be your backlight. :) ). Then if needed, just a little bit of fill light opposite the key light to decrease contrast and fill in the shadows. Obviously, this isn't the only lighting setup you can do, but it's very easy with good results.
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I'd assume you were looking at, what the tank?

Yeah that was my first model. Since then I have indeed learned the lighting and how to unwrap those tailpipe sections (learned away to do it along an edge that's nice and easy, or with generated mapping coordinates)
Those tailpipes looked TERRIBLE. That was a fundamentals course, so I didn't stress too bad. ALWAYS working with a poly limit for game design
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wow man this is GREAT. let alone that it's your first time.
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Uploaded a turnaround of it for your viewing pleasure!