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This is it! this is the big one!!! Sauron, the Dark Lord, servant of Morgoth, Lord of Mordor, The enemy, The Lord of the Ring, the one to rule us all!! I saved the most powerful one for last, and bring to a close my series of LOTR pics.... for now, at least. I've still got an intch on doing folks like Treebeard, elrond, or the Balrog, but they'll have to wait some time.... for the time being, enjoy this one!!!

And by the way, as a community service, I'm posting here the links to all of my LOTR production so far:

gandalf [link]
aragorn [link]
arwen [link]
legolas [link]
gimli [link]
boromir [link]
hobbits [link]
eomer [link]
haldir [link]
faramir [link]
orcs [link]
the witchking [link]
saruman [link]

toon aragorn [link]
toon legolas [link]
toon legolas2 [link]

coloured gandalf [link]
coloured aragorn [link]
coloured arwen [link]
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Awesome art of an awesome villain