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Marvel + Disney

My heart just screamed for me to do it.

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Oh yeah! great Idea!
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yo bi un donalverine
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Supoib piece! Very interesting colouring style here, too :)
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(As soon as I finish laughting I'll back to comment)
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Ok, its a nice image... funny and.....
OH no...
jonhol96's avatar
LOL. For some reason a similar image appeared in my head when i heard that Disney bought Marvel. Good one :)
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Lol exllcent work here
silverfox64's avatar
Más crossovers Marvel/Disney (Disney/Marvel no porque Marvel siempre es mas

La idea de la fusion de las dos compañías sigue sin agradarme, pero las imágenes me han dado bastante risa :rofl:

El crossover que sigo esperando es Silver Surfer/Rico Mac Pato :XD:
cajunfarmboy86's avatar
nice. maybe you should do the disney version of the avengers.
2nekos's avatar
que rara noticia verdad?
disney compro los doerechos de marvel o . o..
interesannte idea juel!!
Lady-Kukolka's avatar
le pego lo de la "fusion" joven?...

muy bueno jejeje...lo ke sea de kada kien
Lightingboy's avatar
G E N I A L!! :D fav!!!
yatoy's avatar
hahaha many stuffs like this are showing now
so much fun
SIVM's avatar
que chingados? xD
Zal-Ta-TalOs's avatar
LOL what a comical yet all so seriously kick ass masterpiece here! :D
Speedslide's avatar
I'm a bit sceptical to whether we'll see official Marvel/Disney fusions, but Goofy wielding Mjolnir would make an AWESOME short cartoon.

By the power of the gosh! Heey-yak!

Stellar work, mate! Just stellar!
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cool man. Swing by and add him to my art JAM
Still don't know whether or not I like Disney buying Marvel or not... I am starting to lean on the pessimistic side though...
YBP's avatar
I LOOOOOOOOOVE Goofy!!!!! He makes a great Thor mwahahahah! I love that determined look, you know the next thing he's gonna do is trip over his own foot then chuckle in that endearing way of his lol
emanz's avatar
yeah.can't imagine what marvel might come soon? with these guys? mickey with a cape? :lmao:
POLO-JASSO's avatar
Pero para levantar el Mazo de Thor hay que ser digno... o hay que ser muy Güey?
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