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Dragonlance Chronicles

Did this pic as a cover for an illustratyed bool mock-up project at the college where I teach. We chose Dragonlance Chronicles as the subject, and since I had to draw it in a bit of a rush, this is what came out. I liked it very much, tho. Hope you like it as well!

Note that I'm not abiding to traditional Dragonlance character designs, but rather I'm interpreting them according to my own ideas and based on the book descriptions. Hope you enjoy!

Dragonlance TM & C Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (I guess)

Click DOWNLOAD for a bigger version, too :P
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I know you posted this 10 years ago, but I just joined this site yesterday. I have to say your rendition of a Kender is by far the BEST I have ever seen. Muy Bien! How I longed for an awesome drawing of Tas! The companions look great also. I like this so much, I spent a good part of the day at the computer restoring and enlarging the image, removing all those fold lines, rips, mars, and splotches from the image (hey, it was hot outside anyways). Looks super clean awesome now! BTW, great image for a Dragonlance desktop!

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I love this image, good job!
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Way too little Dragonlance on DA. Thanks.
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i love this. 
one of the best fantasy books ever. kicks GoT 's ass as far as im concerned
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This was in a rush? I saw this and my jaw dropped!
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TASSSSSS!!!! He's so adorable!
Yay dragonlance :) nice work
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Aww! Cute little Tas is cute. ^3^
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Yea! Tas and Sturm my favs!!!
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wooow great work
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just wonderful! Dude really, it is an amazing work.
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Thank you very much! :)
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Tanis el medioelfo, nomas de ese personaje me acuerdo
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Y si te echas el comic de una vez? jaja

Te quedó bien perru!
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jajajaj gracias por el voto de confianza, Mario! :D
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puedo reconocer a los siguientes:
y creo quela del staff azul es usha majere...
o x o
bueno creo.
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No, pos algo debo haber hecho mal, porque sólo le atinaste a Tas.
Son Tika,Sturm, Caramon, Raistlin, Laurana, Flint, Tanis, Goldmoon, Tas y Riverwind
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debe ser por la version q estoy leyendo, por que si, conosco a raistlin, goldmoon y a flint. quiensabe XC para empezar creo que el autor del libro que leo es Jean Rabe
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ah, tons era totalmente otro libro. Yo me basé en "el retorno de los dragones", de margaret weis y tracy hickman.
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no me quede con la duda, asi q investigando me hice de el libro "la tumba de huma" debo decir que adoro a l buen Tasselhoff, Raistlin llama muchisimo mi atencion pero su hermano Caramon es sin duda un personaje con un corazon muy grande, es curioso ver a Goldmoon joven, en el libro que lei anteriormente la vi ya como una anciana.
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a con razon., bueno la idea es que se mantengan vivas las cronicas
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Epico, aunque sigue sin gustarme el look "oficial" de Raistlin.
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