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the Good Doctor

A concept for Doc Slaughter from Fallout Equestria.

Aside for a few key details, he was described pretty vaguely and I had originally planned multiple versions of the concept. I know most probably weren’t picturing the tank treads. :B That little detail was born out of the reference to his chassis being similar to a brain bot; thought it looked neat.
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Ok, now thats out my system, I like this art story.  Which FO: E fic is this terrifying character from?
The original. <_< He's the doc that fixes up someone for one of the main characters. (Late into the book, don't want to spoil it.)

I'm assuming you've finished reading it by now, but SERIOUSLY do that if you haven't yet. :o
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have the old PDF editions for both FO:E and project em back to back many times...

*goes back to screaming incoherently*
Really? Oh, well

*spoilers for those who haven't read it yet*

Pip and Velvet meet him in the Cathedral, where Velvet stays to have the Doc give that albino HellHound a new cybernetic leg.
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This is from the original FO:E?
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Woah, this is brilliant! I can just imagine him saying "Prepare for your examination" XD
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I would be like: *laughs histerically* NOPE! *Jumps out a window*
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You know, as messed up as he was in the head, I really did like his personality, such a nice guy. Hope he survived The Cathedral kind of blowing up.
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It's so clean, so smooth.
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That's pretty good, I cant help but think of Davros from Dr who though.
coulda sworn he had his front two limbs. still gotta appreciate the art however.
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love your work as always, MM :D
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Yeah that's kinda how I imagined he'd look, very creepy.
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oh Hell yeah thats just awesome
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oh god thats disturbing
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I think he should be more scared on the face... you don't loose your lower half to a grenade only suffer a few scratches to the face.
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
holy cow so damn good....look scary as well just look at that head XD
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At least he seems friendly with that bright psychotic smile... Althought I imagined him more ... hm... insectoid-like ^^
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And once again there's my nightmare fuel for a while.
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