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A Title pic commissioned by :iconmagicman001: for his new story that can be found here: www.fimfiction.net/story/25126…

"It’s strange times for changelingkind. Their despotic Queen has been overthrown and the traditional system of Queens with her. ‘Liberty’ and ‘Democracy’ have finally arrived for a species who’ve been squashed beneath the fat rump of tyranny for generations. To take the helm of their reborn nation, the changelings elect the charismatic Lord Hopper as President of the Federal Changeling Republic.

This young noble, notorious for his playcolt lifestyle of partying, booze and aninfinite string of marefriends, certainly doesn’t fit the bill of somechangeling who’s being hailed at home and abroad as the “modern champion of democracy”. Elected on a platform promising wealth and love aplenty for his revolution-wary citizens, as well as rebuilding friendly and closer relations with Equestria with the Alicorn Princesses’ support, President Hopper’s issue of Equestrian Times' 'Stallion of the Year' looks a shoe-in.

… Providing, of course, he doesn’t totally screw it up. As they say, “once playcolt, always a playcolt.”

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This is amazeballs!
Why is your art so inspiring? XD